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  1. I have a new character, some days in, fighting some zombies I've leveled up, opening the window, no skill highlighted. I know that it was sneaking and lightfooted, and I believe this didn't show because it has two of them. Its not common (altough this skills kinda level up together, at least for me), surely not game breaking, but a gentle bug still a bug, a lady bug if you prefer. On a side note, I'm loving coming back to the game, great work guys. EDIT: I've just started a new character (for reasons that I would prefer to not share :P), first day, watching tv, f
  2. A 'one-eyed' trait should be interesting, you see only partially, pretty much like car lights at fog/night, and have a poor aiming. And myopia / hyperopia, bluring things according to distance and making harder to read or aim far unless using glasses (that already has a model, yew!)
  3. Hi, I suggest that we should be capable of going beyond bags capacity at the cost of durability, and we should tailor patch them. So, first, bags should have durability like clothing and weapons. Durability loss should be influenced by the activity (running/fighting damages much more than walking) and by going beyond its nominal value. I'll use the schoolbag as example. If we use it as projected (to keep below 15) even running shouldn't damage it and the durability loss is only noticeable on the long term. But as we go above, it wears down quickier, exponentially qu
  4. Hi, The Idea came out when I was sheperding a horde away from a gas station and the flock destroyed an small wooden white fence, than I ran and jumped the high metal fence, but they pathed around it. I'm suggesting that a horde could break things that a single zombie can't. This post kinda talks about the option of breaking doors in group (https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28547-breaking-of-doors/), I made this one because the idea is broader. A single zombie probably wouldn't ever break a high metal fence, neither 5. But several dozens would start to
  5. Hey, just did, backed my save and my old log, because IWBUMS ( :P ) and headed to freeze hunting. I was at Muldraugh, as you can see the log, 5 min car trip to the same location of (1) and (4), bam, got it. It starts to happen really close to the road intersection there. I thought that would be an leak as well, but later I figured that isn't time/traveling distance dependent and the memory usage wasn't that high (about 45% when I checked) and also is very unlikely to be spawning itens because I have been there before and I did not perceived this problem within urban ar
  6. Hi, I'm playing 41.37 now, My character tried to fill the bottle from the back of the water filter, entering the small room instead of going straight. The pictures are from McCoy's warehouse (the one most to the right).
  7. Hey, thanks the answer, unfortunatelly, didn't work. I put zomboid folder on CCleaner exclude list (the only thing antivirus like that I use). I ran some tests and I'm starting to believe that some chunks are causing the issue. I can absolutely confirm this issue 4 times: 1) The first one I described, from riverside to west-point, near west-point. 2) (after trying the exception list recommendation) I exit muldraugh south and took the muldraugh-rosewood riad, got the problem on the end of the road. Fun fact, not far from the turn, I met a feasting party, hit 2~3
  8. Sorry, I'm playing at the 41.37, no mods.
  9. I'm traveling by car from riverside to west point (and vice versa) and after a while game starts to show small freezes. The freezes grow in frequency up to the point of each quarter of screen (of a zoomed out car) freezing by +- 0.1seconds, not a huge freeze, but its quite annoying. Reloading solves the problem (until happens again).
  10. Hi. I'm with only with the build 41 (no mods, ever) and I had a similar problem. I was with the duffelbag equiped (probably empty, but not 100% sure) and found a big hiking bag in a wall locker. While the bag still in the locker I selected the replace option, an error counter popped on the right bottom of the screen and my duffelbag disapeared (the BHB is equiped in my back). I tried to find the log, seems that for me: STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- function: refreshBackpacks -- file: ISInventoryPage.lua line # 1281 function: perform -- f
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