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How to set mods load order in multiplayer? +General question about load order


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I host a game as a server on my PC through Project Zomboid Dedicated Server *.bat file, so i have free access to the console and every config.
I haven't yet found any topic where the mod load order on the server was explained. The issue I am facing right now is how to change it on an existing server, but any answers that will help me set load order when I run the server for the first time will also be appreciated.

As far as I know, there are two mod related lines in server config, - to be specific in <servername>.ini in username/Zomboid/Server/ directory.
So there is "Mods=" which i believe determines the order in which mods are loaded, and there is "WorkshopItems=" where you just put the ids of mods for the server to download from Workshop.

So... Am I right that the mod load order can be changed by editing the order in the "Mods=" line? For example, if I write "Mods=Mod1;Mod2;Mod3" the mods will be loaded in the following order: mod1 -> mod2 -> mod3. Is that right?

And the second issue is about what will be the correct load order for mods. I have found somewhere that the correct order should look like this (in general. Of course there will be some exceptions, but it depends on the mods I am using, so just skip that):
1. Map Mods
2. Core mods (like TSRlib)
3. Crafting mods
4. Gun mods
5. Clothing mods
6. QoL mods
7. Car mods

Is that right?


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You are correct that Mods= is what controls the load order.
The order you specified does not really need to be followed, the order only matters in the cases of mod conflicts. And the huge majority of time, there are no conflicts with mods.
Meaning, the only time it really matters is when loading mods that modify other mods. For example if you have an addon to True Music, you have to load it after that.

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Anyway, I tried changing my mod load order. It was totally random, alphabetically at first, and around 20–25 mods I added after the first start of the server were in random order.
I put mods in the following order (categorized them by myself into 5 categories - core mods, crafting mods, gun mods, clothing mods, and QoL mods).
Within categories, I sorted only "Core mods", The rest (within each category) is random.

The new order look like this: 

ModManagerELO;ModManager;modoptions;ItemTweakerAPI;ItemTweakerAPIExtraClothingAddon;ProfessionFrameworkB41Patch;Arsenal(26)GunFighter[MAIN MOD 2.0];Arsenal(26)GunFighter;EasyConfigChucked;UltimateXPTweaker;ToadTraits;LazoloTraits;WaterPowerCmd;MCM;BecomeDesensitized;BetterExerciseEasy;ExpandedHelicopterEvents;ForagingBuff01;TA_UNPACK;BB_CommonSense;errorMagnifier;mld_mhish;


Tactical Weapons;Brita;BCGRareWeapons;BCGTools;Remastered Kitsune's Crossbow Mod;Swatpack;SpearTraps;Max;




The old random mod load order looked like this (not even in alphabetical order of some mods, as I thought):

VehicleRepairOverhaul;ScrapMetalGodOfAllMetal;MoreBuilds;CraftHelper41;Tactical Weapons;ReLght;PwSleepingbags;UltimateXPTweaker;NepBatteryColor;FixCapacityOverlap;ModManagerELO;GasMaskGlasses;ammomaker;PlayersOnMap;LazoloTraits;TreesHaveLoot;mld_mhish;EasyLaundry;WaterPowerCmd;RepairRoads;BetterSoap;RepairWallCracks;MCM;improvedbuildmenu41;BecomeDesensitized;TakeAnyAmount;ReloadAllMagazines;RiskyInspectWeapon;EasyLightbarRepair;EasyHeaterRepair;KillCount;ImprovisedGlass;FasterHoodOpening;RenameContainers;REORDER_CONTAINERS;EQUIPMENT_UI;ProximityInventory;4ColorBicPen;LitSortOGSN_diamond;LitSortOGSN;LitSortOGSN_readOnePage;Arsenal(26)GunFighter[MAIN MOD 2.0];Arsenal(26)GunFighter;AutoMechanics;AutoSewing;VISIBLE_BACKPACK_BACKGROUND;BetterExerciseEasy;Betterhandwash;BetterSortCC;betterLockpicking;Brita_2;Brita;BCGRareWeapons;BCGTools;Kaldo_CarDashboardRadioButton;ChipAStone;CleanDirt;MoreCLR_desc4mood;CombatText;CraftHelperContinued;CBB;DRAW_ON_MAP;EasyConfigChucked;ExerciseWithGear;ExpandedHelicopterEvents;ExtraMapSymbols;ExtraMapSymbolsUI;faction_safehouses;FH;ForagingBuff01;fuelsideindicator;FuelAPI;P4HasBeenRead;GlassHats;improvedhairmenu;ItemTweakerAPI;ItemTweakerAPIExtraClothingAddon;OutTheWindow;LongLifeBulbs;Max;MapLegendUI;MapSymbolSizeSlider;MinimalDisplayBars;ModManager;modoptions;MoodleFramework;MoreDescriptionForTraits4166;ToadTraits;ProfessionFrameworkB41Patch;RainCleansBlood;RainWash;SimpleReadWhileWalking41;Remastered Kitsune's Crossbow Mod;REORDER_THE_HOTBAR;RepairAnyClothes;RepairAnyMod;StalkerArmorPack;Swatpack;BLTAnnotations;showmaterial;ShowSkillUpName;ShowSkillXpGain;snowiswaterbeta;SpearTraps;SpnOpenCloth;P4TidyUpMeister;Torch;TMC_TrueActions;TA_UNPACK;WaterDispenser;TheStar;wringclothes;BB_CommonSense;contexttools;eris_food_expiry;eris_minimap;errorMagnifier

Why am I mentioning that? I don't think I have mods that have conflicts, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, before, when I was starting the server through the StartServer64.bat file, it took around 3 min 30 to start (with 117 mods; never measured the time before so maybe a little bit shorter). The server now boots up in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Anyhow it's faster now.

I'm mentioning that because somebody may find it useful (probably not xD).

And thank you for your help, Beard!

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