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the game goes to a black screen and crashes to pass a point that goes out


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the game after a while goes from a black screen to crashing and exiting the game, this mostly happens to me when i spend a lot of time in it and when it comes to the point of doing some sudden action, it proceeds to change the appearance of the object or action to something else "bug" and it proceeds to take me out a black screen until it reaches the point of crashing and exiting the game, it would be of great help if you could solve this error.

P.S"I have already tried these actions without mods and even so the game crashes"


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It seems like in the last 5 game launches you exited the game normally without any crash. Can you first try replicating the crash and then send the logs again?
Preferably without mods as well, since you had several enabled, and mods may cause unexpected issues with the game.

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Ok, I don't know if this affects but I've already uninstalled the game several times and well, what it does is temporarily "disable this bug" until a certain time, but mostly it happens when I spend a lot of time in it.
I will try to see if the bug happens and I will inform you

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