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[41.78] Barricading xp doesn't get boosted by reading books.


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While stuck indoors due to dense fog on a serious character, I decided to start working on metalworking by barricading and unbarricading a window in my safehouse.


Fast Learner, 3x multiplier from reading a book, and barricading gave me 1.95xp. That would be the expected 1.5xp x 1.3 from Fast Learner with no book modifier.


Weird. I hear the occasional comment about book xp boosts bugging out, so figure this might be one of those cases. I load up a test character to check things out more.


2.7x multiplier from a book...and I get 1.5xp again.


I decide to try out plank barricades. This character has Handy, so they have a baseline +400% xp boost to carpentry. Sure enough, building a plank barricade gives 3xp (0.75 x 4).


I read a carpentry book a bit to get a 2x multiplier. Building a plank barricade still gives me 3xp.


So, the bonus xp from being proficient in a skill gets applied, but not the books.


I create a new test character to test this hypothesis further, this time a metalworker.


With the full bonus from starting with +3 metalworking, building a barricade gives me 9.96xp.


Reading a metalworking book to get a 0.5x multiplier, and a barricade still gives me 9.96xp.


Reading the book to get a 1.5x multiplier and, yet again, 9.96xp.


So, this is pretty clearly a bug with barricading. Deconstructing had its xp gains properly modified by the book multipliers.


The game is completely unmodded.

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