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Modifying Junk Items (done, no need help)


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So basically im trying to make one of the junk items in to a drinkable object but i don't know what to do with file placement in my mod folder, I've created pistol mod before and i atleast know about the file placement like .vs/media but don't know how to modify already existing game item can someone help?

Is that right?

Ekran22 Alıntısı.PNG

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  • Anquect changed the title to Modifying Junk Items (done, no need help)

An example from Hydrocraft:


local scriptItem = ScriptManager.instance:getItem("Base.PillsBeta")
if scriptItem then
	scriptItem:DoParam("ReplaceOnUse = Hydrocraft.HCPillbox")


File is placed in /media/lua/shared/


Alternatively, you could just re-declare the item in a file within /media/scripts/


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