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[41.78.7] Singleplayer // Zombies respawning instant


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Mods: None

Playtime in PZ: about 100 hours


I set the settings for respawningtime and respawning unseen time in the custom settings for this world a lot higher then the standard. About half a year each. I am 9 ingamedays in this savefile and zombie groups are respawning almost instant. And no these are no wanderers or other zombies in the area. I killed many zombies and as soon as I lure the last group away another one stands exact at the same spot. I noticed this first after the helicopter event. (For example I choose as my base the Firedepartement in Rosewood and there is always a new group of firefighters. Even if i kill them and leave the area and no zombies are arround, or if i lure them away). I never had sth happend like this in my runs before but I also dont changed the respawn behaviour before.


(Sorry I wanted to share my savefile but it was to much for the upload size here. I see no option to delete all attachements at once I dont want to klick a million times to delete them so... )

Here is a link to the savefile at onedrive https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2S9lOz4k52kyyF63En3bDy-6iy?e=3vSCfw // I ll delete it in about two weeks

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