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I cant figure out why this is happening


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So i've done everything correctly, at least i think i have. I use worlded to put the tile on then i generate it from BMP to TMX and it says its finished but when i got to click on it and zoom in the second image is what i see (Bunch of question marks) On tiled it works tho, i cannot for the life of me figure out why this isnt working? can i please have some help




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You need to set your tiles folder in WorldEd to the same tiles folder you set up in Tilezed.

In WorldEd go to Edit and then Preferences, then in the "tiles directory" section make sure the tiles folder you downloaded with the tools is selected and not the "2x" folder inside of it, once done close both worlded and tilezed and then restart them and you should see the issue is fixed.

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