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Firearm Concept Tweak


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I don't like where guns are in Zomboid, even modded firearms. Hardcore Reloading (not handloading) is about the only mod that drifts close to what I wish firearms were. Otherwise mods that accomplish these things do not exist. There aren't any survival games that do these things either. 

If I had my way I would;

  • Increase their volume to being louder than what it ever was
  • Require more user input to use; Racking the bolt always requires the player to press X. Doing a full reload always requires the player to press X to release the bolt after inserting a new magazine/topping off the internal magazine or tube. 
  • Be more sensitive to character moodles while still being absolutely lethal at any aim skill. Low skills and bad moodles means your character will drop ammunition, they will fail to cycle the weapon by short stroking the bolt, which requires you to re attempt a cycle or reload which may fail yet again as per RNG. You will lose any ammunition from a failed reload, but not a short stroke. Being in motion greatly increases the chance of firearm failure. Characters cannot clear jams under high enough panic without high enough aim. Characters with low reloading CANNOT top off magazines while moving. Any degree of panic at any skill removes the ability to top off magazines while walking. (Not internally fed firearms such as the MSR and JS2000. 
  • Its possible for a character to accidentally shoot themselves while drawing a handgun at low aim skill under high panic. This would never be an instant kill. 
  • Guarantee one hit kills on zombies if criteria is met at level 0 aiming. Anybody can headshot a crawler or immobilized zombie if they are not panicked. 
  • Merge aiming with reloading into a single firearms skill.


I think these changes would make firearms far more realistic and immersive, it would also make them a difficult to use liability if not used properly. These changes would also set Zomboid far, far apart and above all other survival/hardcore games that have guns as there are no games that do these things with firearms. 


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Ye i dont know why they split skill but u have right. Earlier versions of guns in game was a trap. Now are more balanced but are not realy "real". 
I like idea of puting a lot louder shots, RNG when u can shot urself if u dont have ur gun in good quality, but there for sure shuld not be one shot kill without a headshot. Most people dont know how to shot and even if they learned mostly are teached to hit torso so fighting zombies is something new for everyone in zomboid.

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