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The Zomboids are coming! Grab the "Go bag" and go!

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Safehouse is gone. Huge horde coming out of the west. They're streaming closer ever second and theres nothing between you and them. Luckily, you filled a go bag-- you've got everything you NEED if you have to go NOW.



Water Bottle

chips (4)

canned soup (2)

canned beans (2)






can opener



Box nails




pistol (loaded)




In case you have to run to the wilderness:


Tent Kit

1 of each seed packet

2 sheets

garbage bag (4)


Bandages (3)


This gear should get you through just about anything that could possibly happen to you, including having to go in the middle of the night or having to run straight into the wilderness for an unknown period-- thats what the seeds, tent, and garbage bags are for-- a rain collector barrel in the woods..


What do you think? Has there been a situation where you've wanted to use one? How much of that stuff would you drop and replace with food in a go situation? I figure I can get TO anywhere on the map in a couple days with this bag, and then set up a permanent dwelling.

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I have it in there as an eventual soup ingredient that can be used for multiple soups... But no pot in the bag. No bowl for the Beans either. Might switch food around to compensate. I just learned that ham does not rot- might be good bang for buck. Ham weighs .3 w -30 hunger and chips are .2 and -15. Peanut butter also looks great at .3 -25 and boredom/sadness modifiers.

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Do not discount the sugar. Me n my friend were starving n we got to spiffos on the highway. No food whatsoever, cept the ingredients for a hot cuppa. We made a cup of tea... painfully British to the end :P

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