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    As you can tell by the name, I like dogs(especially Huskys)and zombies, which my science teacher has assured me are impossible :P
  1. ....Like a really smelly marshmallow wall? 0.0 Non-edible, naturally.
  2. I don't really update my profile often... or at all.

  3. Lol great ideas, but your lack of punctuation made you sound really excited ^^ but, but exciting people are cool so.. yeah Oh and when sitting down is put in (its being put it right? or just for npcs.. hmm) anyway they could like handcuff you to the chair and then torture you.. okay maybe NOT torture you. (ok DEFFINITELY not torture you, cos that seems a bit too..too yeah) but other players could hide in the shadows a couple of meters away and stroke their imaginary moustache/cat and deprive you of food or just.. talk? I approve x3
  4. Its not.... >.>... JUST a stuffed animal.... it's a Spiffo stuffed animal... he's family! He's all we have... Apart from ducks and weird dolls now, but Spiffo is a long friend and and and... yeah (^.^)
  5. Who needs kids? We're gonna have PUPPIEEEEES!?! (Right? D:) Well, IM gonna have a puppy somehow, someway.
  6. Changing the SVNRevision number thing seems to have done the trick. Thank you thank you thank you! This is why im not becoming a coder or whatever when im older, sorry for being so stressful
  7. Ah ok, ive replaced the folder with the hotfix ones. But i still get the 'Client version (962) doesnt match server (963)' message when i try to join a server that was updated it. What am i doing wrong? ps. literally 5 steps away from ripping my hair out, and i really cant be arsed to hoover it up.
  8. Ive extracted the folder thingys on WinRAR and i heard u have to replace the media and 'zombie maps' folder. i think ive done the media one but i have noooo idea where the zombie maps thingy is. Help? Ive looked everywhere and apparently no one has the same problem. (Is my amazingly dense mind missing something obvious again?) S.O.S
  9. You catch the deadly dance fever, you were boogied out.
  10. Oh *shudder* as in.. ur player is bit turns.. and for like 5 minutes is aware he is a zomble but not able to stop the urges? before you lose it? Geez, this would make killing deads harder if you knew that in 1/50 zoms there is one that is terrified and can see the axe coming... (NOT that is, that it would make it any less fun > cos i may be a tiny bit sadistic when that giant horde comes along, paleease tell me its not just mee?)
  11. Or, use this map: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.49634369287020114,0.22066888912786323,1 Just a thought, i always use this map and although a few think of it as cheating, it's sure helpful and i've never encountered the problem of not being able to find my friends. And personally i wouldn't mind if the map was the size of the whole world! Would make it interesting to say the least, although a tad harder (if a 'tad' is measured in miles)
  12. You can remove/add sheet rope at anytime. Just have to take it down before going to bed if there was npcs. Can you? I didn't know that :3 well we know who'll die if i was in his position
  13. and then suddenly... 'nom' and ur dead. that's the best/worst thing about pz... the second u think u've won.. ur dead. If u start getting cocky u may as well shoot urself now! (or drink bleach, since shooting urself isn't implemented yet xD) Oh oh.. or the devs sneakily put NPCS in and one crawls up the rope while ur sleeping and embraces u in the sleep... with a knife... Keep on chur toeses :3
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