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Redboid [PvP] [24/7]

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 Come join us on Redboid!

One of the longest running servers with a dedicated admin team and ever-growing community.
Our focus is to provide an experience you will not forget!
Ranging from events, factions, PvE, PvP and a touch of role-play.
Let us not forget the hordes of the undead that plague the lands...
The possibilities are endless!

We are a Public PVP based server, with a designated Kill-On-Sight Zone and simple Warn-before-kill rules.
Our aim is to provide a fun place that accommodates all types of players looking for that risk & thrill the apocalypse has to offer.

Server info:

Server Name: Redboid [PVP]

Server Settings:

- Player XP Bonus: 5x
- Starter Kits: No
- Safehouses: No
- Nutrition: Enabled
- Day Length: 3 Real-Life Hours
- Night Darkness: Bright


- Anomalous Storm
- RED-Pak
- Eris Minimap
- Even More Hair Mods
- True Actions
- True Music
- More Build 
- Autostar Yacht Club
- Vanilla Vehicle Overhaul
And many more!

Links and other info:

Custom Events:

We generally host numerous events throughout the seasons, all with different themes, goals & prizes to be had!


Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/2abTaWY
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Redboid/

Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s rules, information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins and more.
We shall look forward to seeing you there

As always 
Have Fun & Be Safe! 
- The Redboid Admin Team 
P.S. We are based in Europe, though house players from all over, generally with smooth connections to overseas.

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