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[41.65] [Multiplayer] Server failed to respond, but only for some players


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Hi, I tried running a dedicated server on a VPS. I am downloading it through steamcmd, and then launching the start-server.sh file. I, and one of my friends, can connect to it and play, but three others can't even see the server status in the favorites tab. We are all running the latest steam version of the game.


What we've already tried:

- Reinstalling the server

- Reinstalling the game

- Opening the correct ports in the ufw firewall

- Changing the server to nosteam option (and adding -nosteam on steam)

- Disabling uPnP in the server settings

- Updating Debian version on the VPS

- Joining the server and inviting other players (same error for them, server failed to respond)

- Trying to refresh / connect for like 20 minutes

- Disabling windows firewall on friend's computer


They can see other servers in the internet tab, and we can play together when just creating a server in-game and inviting each other.

Minecraft server on the same VPS works for all of them.

I found a way to ping a specific port on a server (Test-NetConnection in powershell). I asked my friend to do it (with a 16261 port), and it worked, so i'm quite sure the issue is with the game and not the vps or their computers.







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Also, be sure to try the workaround: when the server is reported as not responding, try connecting - it will fail. Then, quit and restart PZ, but this time with the startup option "-nosteam" (in Steam library, right click and go to Properties). Try connecting to the server (I haven't tried others than the same server, don't know it this matters). Fails. Restart another time, without the "-nosteam" option. I've had this work several times, and so has a friend. Don't ask me why!

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