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[41.60] Low spawn of cigarettes

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10 hours ago, Pandorea said:

Are we talking MP or SP with these rarity issues? It seems here is something odd going on with distribution between different modes - the Team are looking into this. 

My biggest issue right now is as i play on 6 month after apocalypse, the hope to find cigs is out of dense Z population areas, maybe more chances to find cigs on zombies corpses? I don't want to unbalance the trait neither, it's  up to you guys ;)
Farming tobacco in the future would also be a great idea on long term survival !  tobacco + journal = 10 cigs :D

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9 hours ago, TheMajorDerp said:

My friends and I are experiencing  bugs where flora such as tree's and grass are growing through our wooden floors we have built. and rain is falling through complete ceilngs that are player built.

Make an other post for this bug please.

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