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Crates empty after relog on server [V40.43 steam]


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Quite annoying on multiplayer:

After relogging a lot of crates that were reorganized in my safehouse on TheGoodOldDayz PVE Multiplayer server are empty.

Yes, there are quite often lags - but it is not only one or two crates - it is more than 5 crates (1 crate lightbulbs, 1 crate batteries (40pc), 2 crates medicine, 1 crate clothes, 1 crate bags and tactical bags, and much much more.)

When logging of, I didn't come to main screen, there was error message "reason= port= " (so no number), but the things in the crates should be on the server before (it was definively more than 5 minutes before logging of, so that there should be some transmision to server what I did put in the crates).


When I found out and told other players in chatbox in game, they gave me feedback that this also had happened to them also before.

Quite annoying, and I don't know if I want to continue when this will happen once again.


So it would be nice if maybe someone of the developers could check where the problem could be or give some tips to avoid situation like this.


I absolutely love the game, did buy it when it was quite new (also played the demo in knox county before where you really could only survive one day), and would like to continue in future also.

But I am concerned that this bug may kill the fun of Multiplayer, which is in my eyes necessary part of the game after having survived the normal (non multiplayer) game for long time.


Pigeon (admin) had a look on the serverlogs, as you see i broke the record with an amount of 37300...


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I believe we would need more information than this, such as the location of the crates and whether you asked the admins to help you test out the disappearance, does it disappear for other players after you log out or specifically when you log out, then log back in and then check the crate. If it was widespread on the whole server I would assume the DupeItem error would be in the hundreds for everyone, so it has to be something specific in your case.

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I was reorganizing my stuff, so just walking from one crate to the other and as fast as possible putting the things in organized crates.

So in the end it was also not a "normal behaviour", I think normally you put maybe one or two bags full of stuff in some crate and then go looting again.

I am just concerned that this can destroy the fun of some players, when loosing too much when moving hundreds of things in some minutes while lags appear.


I would like to test once again, but if it happens once again, I will not have enough stuff to try to repeat the situation once again.

I was just thinking and hoping, that maybe you could have this issue in your mind when programming against lags.

Maybe there would be the possibility for some compare between "user map-files" (where the things are inside)

and the "server map-files" (where the things were not yet safed)...


But no problem at all - I know quite good that you would have to get more information about it to have better chance to find the exact reason.

I did write some mod some more years ago for our server, and I know how much work it is to find even small bugs...


On the other side, I know that it is also important to get some feedback if something goes wrong - as programmer you need the feedback or you just don't know.

That was the reason why I made this report.


You can close the topic if you like, or remove it at all. No problem from my side.

I know that you do a awesome job. Most developpers stop improving after some years and you still continue. - That's great. And I have to say thank you so much for it all...


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