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Game crashes when I start it

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 I know the new build 41.50 has a lot of bugs, but not even in 40.43 I can play the game, it doesn't start it, I tried everything, searching every youtube video and forum pages, but no one is having this trouble, I just wanted to play the game.

 It first start this, and after 30 seconds it closes and the game does not start.

 Please someone help me solve this! :(


 PS. I tried the others beta versions and it still doesn't start the game.


Sorry for my english, it's not my first language2130570879_BugProjectZomboid.thumb.jpg.c718b9e4b3ab1777b9677c5ddb13043e.jpg

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You attached the logs correctly, thanks. Though unfortunately that system will not be able to run build 41 at all. The CPU you mentioned either has a nonexistent or a really weak graphics card and 2GB of RAM is definitely not enough to run build 41 (especially with an integrated card). The bare minimum we recommend is at least 4GB of RAM and a dedicated card (or some of the newer integrated cards, those can run 41 as well)

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