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Extremely ambitious long term world map system

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Okay might as well throw this out there cause I think it would be really cool (albeit probably improbable) BUT I think the system I am about to provide might have merit if the team was looking for a way to expand past Kentucky.


I have seen a live stream a long time ago where a dev actually said something in the vein of player generated maps expanding the word and well here is my thought.


I am picturing a system where player maps would be saved in such a way as to denote that map’s world location.


so it would look like this:


save map?




what country is your map in




What state?




Are you sure you want to create a map in Arizona USA?







okay so that’s the saving of the map, but why would we do that?


the idea is that by driving to the edge of the map the player would get a zoomed out view of the world where they could select a destination, and the maps would be selected from a pool of player made maps.


Do this and then tie in the multiplayer servers so as you explore the world you can jump in other servers.




okay so there is some work that should last you guys another 6 years!! :D


but seriously just had this thought while playing and wanted to share it in case there is some kind of permutation of this idea on a smaller scope that would fit the design goals of the game!


thanks for reading.

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