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Worthwile cars

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Hi! Let me present you my first mod - Worthwile Cars. I'm curious of your opinions and hope you'll like it! It modifies cars in three ways:
1) Trunk's capacity does not decrease when damaged.
2) Trunks' capacity increase proportionally to car size ranging from 25 (Chavalier Dart) to 300 (Chevalier Step Van).
3) Car loundess increases with car size (type has an effect too) from 50 (Chavalier Dart) to 110 (Chevalier Step Van).


Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2268384089


Justification for the changes the mod offers:
I find the capacity decrease mechanic absurd, frustrating, non realistic (can't damage empty space!) and grindy. I also felt like there is no justification in the game for using large cars, as they don't offer that much more capacity (if at all!) , but are significantly louder. I wanted to encourage the player to build a fleet of cars each of which is optimal for a particular task.


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