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  1. Oh, ok, thank you! That worked, I can see most of the images now. Is there a way to see the actual sprite names as later used by objects in their respective sprite properties? When I hover over the images only "GID xxxxx" appears. Clicking on the image does nothig either.
  2. What folder is the "Tiles folder that I downloaded"? Is that some folder of the game? Which one? The only "2x" folders in PZ's folder are subfolders of some "fonts" folders which I expect are something different. TileZed does not have any "Tiles" or "2x" subfolders either.
  3. I'd just like to browse vanilla textures (need to use their names), not the actual maps. I found in the TileZed the sub-app for .tiles files and I tried to open them, but I get this mess: How can I make them open properly?
  4. So how exactly do you open game's assets with this app? In the I don't find any .tmx files, tried to open some .bin (worldmap.xml.in) - that didn't work either. I would like to browse textures of objects (not items).
  5. @lordixiThis is just an example of how to add items to vanilla distribution procedures. Do you know how to properly register a custom procedure?
  6. Not axactly a hotkey for the fanny pack, but I did implement hotkeys for pain killers and beta blockers in my Eggon's Hotkeys mod if anyone is interested. As for bandages that's probably doable, but the question is how should it work, as bandages are applied to a particular wound. There might be many wounds. There's also the question of disinfection if it should be auto-applied.
  7. Guys, I'd like to keep track of versions of my mods. I was thinking about using GIT for this, but I'm concerned that the git files will get uploaded to Steam with the mod when the mod is published. Obviously I'd like to avoid that. Do you have any experience with using GIT with Zomboid? Will the GIT files be uploaded? How to set up GIT to avoid it? I'm not an experienced GIT user. As an alternative to GIT (just for sharing across machines, not versioning) I was thinking about placing the Workshop folder on a Dropbox drive. Does anyone know how to change the default Workshop folder? I mean the Workshop upload folder ("C:\Users\[UserName]\Zomboid\Workshop"), not the one with downloaded mods (in Steam Library). I haven't found it in neither the game's option nor the Steam's properties.
  8. I'm working on my mod inside the C:\Users\UserName\Zomboid\Workshop folder. I have this particular path displayed when I check which mod is enabled in the game's Mods section. However, despite this it is clear to me that the game uses the old version downloaded from Steam. Is this a bug? The only solution I found to force the game to use the 'dev' version is to change mod ID (which makes 2 instances of the mod appear in the Mods menu), but I don't want to do it, as if i forget to change it back I might create new instance on Steam. Has anyone else had this problem and found a better solution? PS. I'm pretty sure that in the past the game used 'worshop' version of the mod.
  9. I'd like to loop through items in inventory to perform a certain check on each of the items. I have this code (which doesn't work as expected) : local player = getPlayer() local inventory = player:getInventory() local items = inventory:getItems() print(items) for i, v in ipairs(items) do print("i: ", i) print("v: ", v) end Printing "items" results in a following entry in the console: First strange thing about it is that it looks like a mix of 'body containers' and actual items? And the other is that it's enclosed in square brackets, which is not a Lua data type according to my limited knowledge of Lua. ipairing 'items' doesn't throw an error, but it doesn't access the objects either. How can I access items in invntory in form of a iterable table? And what is this strange list in [] that gets logged to the console?
  10. @EnigmaGrey Thank you for explanation. If that is the case could you please recommend how to access all spawned items of a given type on on any of the loading events? I'd loop through them and perform a modification function on all of them that would reinstate the lost values based on values I'd save in getModData().
  11. @EnigmaGreyI'm sorry but your answer is a bit ambiguous - what "it" pulls data from scripts on load? What's the purpose of setTexture / Tooltip if its not permanent? Other setters do update properties permanently, so it is inconsistent.
  12. The setTexture() method allows to set new icon to an item in inventory, but that icon is substituted on game reload with "default" icon specifed in scripts/.txt files. The same applies to tooltip text. Expected behavior is to have the icon and tooltip text preserved on the particular item. Example code: local player = getPlayer() local inventory = player:getInventory() local item = inventory:getFirstTypeRecurse(itemType) local texture = getTexture(texturePath) item:setTexture(texture) item:setTooltip(toolTipText)
  13. Eggon

    Worthwile cars

    Hi! Let me present you my first mod - Worthwile Cars. I'm curious of your opinions and hope you'll like it! It modifies cars in three ways: 1) Trunk's capacity does not decrease when damaged. 2) Trunks' capacity increase proportionally to car size ranging from 25 (Chavalier Dart) to 300 (Chevalier Step Van). 3) Car loundess increases with car size (type has an effect too) from 50 (Chavalier Dart) to 110 (Chevalier Step Van). Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2268384089 Justification for the changes the mod offers: I find the capacity decrease mechanic absurd, frustrating, non realistic (can't damage empty space!) and grindy. I also felt like there is no justification in the game for using large cars, as they don't offer that much more capacity (if at all!) , but are significantly louder. I wanted to encourage the player to build a fleet of cars each of which is optimal for a particular task.
  14. I expect the tags should be loaded in the workshop.txt file, however mod loader does not show them in the "tags" window. I have added to the file a line like this: tags= cars, trunks I have found topic 'more tags mod' which suggests the tags list is restricted? Is it?
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