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What I want to see for Build 42: UI Revamp

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With the new animation patch hopefully coming out before December, I hope Build 42 does a UI overhaul.

To put it frankly it is extremely inefficient especially crafting. 

Where you are looking through hundreds of recipes some with simple variations of actions.


Using Flags as filters for recipes to hide irrelevant recipes and only showing them at the appropriate time would go a long way.

Especially recipes only showing when interacting with a "Crafting table style objects" instead of simply being near it.


The Hotslot system was a great improvement but again could be improved upon and fleshed out.

Using something similar to the Defiance Loadout system using a Gear Wheel with some necessary time to "switch loadouts" with an animation of rifling through your backpack.


Having Utility \ Ability Gear specific Equipment slots would also add toward the ingenuity of man.

For example Backpack Strap slot that lets players "equip" backpack mods. ( Can only equip one - giving players choice how to "mod" their gear ) 


For example A Storage slot that increases weight carried  

A Small Weapon Slot - which lets you quick equip a small weapon like a Knife

Flashlight Slot - lets players equip a small flashlight strapped to their backpack. Which is activated on special key press.


There is a lot of cool possibilities of stream lining the UI and making it look less cluttery of a Microsoft Excel Sheet and more of a clean effecient game.



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