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Any way to lock interior doors in buildings?

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11 hours ago, throttlekitty said:

AFAIK it's up to the RNG whether doors are locked. To make things a little worse, a key works on all doors in a building. If you want each apartment to have a unique key, you'll need to split the building up into a lot for each one.

How is that possible? I mean splitting a building up to different lots? These buildings are multi story buildings so I dont think that would work. 

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On 3/17/2020 at 4:27 PM, AmatørAkademiet said:

I'll just leave a comment here. I am curious about this too.

Just for info I have tested and the metal bar doors and the ones with the number code appear to be locked if shut (can be randomly open). If you spawn in a building all doors are default, but all other buildings have randomized doors and these appear to be locked mostly. For normal doors I found some may be locked some open or shut but not locked. So it seems only spawn house is exemption from random door rule.

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