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Metal Barrel Rain Collectors -> HELP needed!!

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I want to be able to make metal rain collector barrels. 

since icons are already available in the texture packs, 
I will go the fastest and dirtiest route to get those items and make them available 



I know I would need: 

new items (at least one -> the finished empty collector barrel)

a new recipe, allowing to make the new item. 

i do not need to change any spawn distributions, since i will work with what ever the map will give me when its rolled. 
the metal barrels already spawning in thw world will do.



the idea:

you need to have metal working level 3. 

you need a propane torch + welder mask. 

you need a metal barrel in inventory. 


then you can create the new item. 


now the catch: 

it´s been YEARS since I dabbled in PZ modding. I forgot everything. 


could someone please point me in the direction on how to get this done the fastes way possible ? 

thanks in advance




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