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Hydrocraft and Desperate Crafting recipe compatibility

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Greetings, I am currently using several mods, namely Hydrocraft and Desperate Crafting, but there are a few minor issues with the recipes:


1. Desperate Crafting allows you to open canned food with a knife/saw, but only vanilla cans.


2. You can scrap emptied tin cans for scrap metal, but only from emptied vanilla food cans, emptied HC cans become a different kind of tin can unrecognized in Desperate Crafting's recipes.


I am very inexperienced with modding, but I managed to add an Open Canned Apple(hydrocraft food can) recipe to the game via the DesperateCrafting.txt file,

which appears in-game without an icon, and requires only a saw/knife, and produces nothing.


I would like to add the option to open all HC canned food with a knife/saw, 

and the option to scrap HC emptied cans.


I think I need to say can six more times and I'm done.






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Wow, okay, well I kept messing around and figured it out, I have working icons and I receive a open food can when crafting is complete, I will keep working on this and share the complete product.

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