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Cyrrent Eiledoll

Custom texture vanished

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I am working on a mod and can already build custom textures. My problem is that these textures disappear every time I move too far away. I've already searched and read in the forum, but can't find a clear solution to the problem.

The wall is still there, though. I cannot move through the field. Only the texture is gone.

I can also destroy the wall and get the material back.
I use texture packs for the textures.
Maybe someone can tell me if there is any function that reloads the textures when I return to the corresponding area on the map.




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I place all Textures named surcical_wall_01_01, survical_wall_01_02 and so one in one folder then i start tile zed choose the folder and pack them (tools, pack files, create pack. file).

Then i place the pack file in media/texturepacks.


I have tried to place the PNG (without making a pack file) direct in media/textures. the Textures are shown in game but i have the same problem.

Here is the file i use



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