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Ability to resize the Map UI window

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Contrary to the inventory and loot windows, the map window (when you read a map) cannot be resized. this is really annoying even if you pin it (whenever you mouse out of the windows it foldes back up, when you mouse over it, it unfolds down). Also Consider that the Map UI window is really big ( it takes more than half the area of the game's HUD).

Is it possible that one can convert that window to something like the inventory or loot one (so you can resize it ) through some minor modding? I will happily try to do it.. but I need some major guidance for it.


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I agree. that's true in some way.
Regardless, I would like to make a mod of it xD. Just to brush up my modding skills. I read the files and I think I would have to reclass the "map panel" to one that is "inventory panel" ( :derive) or loot panel or chat panel or crafting panel (I think all of these have the option to be resized)

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