Floor Tiles Missing?
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Hi, new to the mapping game on PZ.  I was following some tutorials and creating a test map, and for some reason, everytime I do, I get a ton of question marks all over the map?  It looks like it's trying to read the wrong tile type?  Basically my map is just standard grasslands and two roads.  I have screenshots below showing what I created using paint.net and the most recent TileZed and WorldEd versions (5/14). 


Colors used:

Green (90,100,35)

Grey (100,100,100)


Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?  thanks!




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Goes in "Regedit"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ TheIndieStone

delete this folder TheIndieStone
which is in

This will cause the TileZed settings to return to the default setting.

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