The Redboid Server {PVP/PVE] [24/7] [Hydrocraft/GUNZ]

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To All Pz Survivors! The Redboid server Is back on the original build! 

After almost a month on the Vehicles build we have now switched back,
everything is the same par one or two changes here and there to compensate the changeover.

Come Survive with us on one of the longest-running PZ servers to date!
We try to compensate for all walks of player to ensure it is fun for all as well as having active admins on call for any Issues/Player needs.

Our Server Includes; 

- GUNZ Mod!
- Hairstyle Mod!
- Hydrocraft Mod! 
- Trading Post!
- 3 Alts Allowed Per Player!

and many other attributes included! 
We are A PVP Server with a dedicated KOS zone & added PvE/Safezone
All other Info and Rules can be found on our 
Reddit Page or Discord Channel
Feel Free to drop us any queries or questions you have
As always

Stay Safe & Have Fun!

-Redboid Admin Team

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