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Dedicated server periodical crashes


Dedicated VM server , Virtualbox 5.1.14, guest system Ubuntu LTS,
I3-4330 4 cpu cores @3,50Ghz , 10 gig memory 

Zomboid 37.14 (steam). Server is about 2 month old, average users 5-10 daytime, 1-3  nighttime. Lots of players buildings on the map. Very easy dificulty settings

Mods: Hydrocraft, MWM, LOOTZETA (all from top 10 most populars mods in Steam Workshop)  java  parameters:  -xms8096 -xmx8096 


Periodicaly happens very strange things 

- chat starts to lag 

- after ~1 min

    * zombies start to laaaag. after axe hit in the head they walk for 2-3 sec then die. You recieve scratches from nowhere
    *all players are limited by black unpassable walls (average size shown in picture)  blacksquresize.jpg

    * no new players can not connect (clientside - server not responding, serverside - OmP2PSessionConnectFail:4  or no connection message at all). Reloading server options not helping. 

     Even connection to local IP from inside LAN is not possible 

at the same time connected people still playing ! (with lags described above) pic2.png 

- server console responding perfectly, no delays at all


Sometimes "sockets" info shows in console before incindents, sometimes not socket.png

thats not definetly NOT a memory issue (screenshot mem.jpg is taken during this problems) 


Time between this incindents vary from 20+ hours to 15 minutes after VM reboot. 


Thats totaly ruining game for all the friends. Please help! 

We want to suffer from zombies, not bugs! 







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