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We’re a polish development studio and we have already produced over twenty video games for Nintendo consoles, iOS/Android, Sony PlayStation Vita and PC/Mac. We would like to familiarize you a little with our new games ;) and say hello to every video games players!

Let’s start with Gekk iYaba Runner. The game offers you over 140 levels full of danger. Jump, slide and break the sound barrier collecting as many socks as possible to save the Princess. Check the gnomish world at

The next one is Air Race Speed. It’s a 3D racing game, where you’ll be able to check the Sci-Fi world of future races and become a pilot of a ultra-fast vehicle. More info at

The last one and maybe the most important. Robonauts. Immerse into a world of cosmic arcade game and explore the universe while fighting against corporation. The inherent part of our game is soundtrack created by a musician and video game soundtrack composer, Simon Viklund. His music exemplifies the very essence of Robonauts – dynamic, retro, arcade-style, energizing.

To visualize, see the video above.  The premiere is set for release in the first quarter of 2017, and right now you can download a demo version from Moreover, our game is live on Kickstarter. If you are willing to support us, please visit

If you would like to ask us or get more information, you’re more than welcomed ;)


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