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Total conversion questions

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How hard would it be to make Neo Scavengoid once NPCs are added?


I like a lot of things about Neo Scavenger, and I like nearly everything about Project Zomboid except the infection. So, instead of making this game's default mechanic nil, why not turn the game into something else? Make the excellent healing system and okay combat work with a game with a (slightly) higher tolerance for failure?


A procedurally generated map would be nice, but not strictly necessary. Hostile and friendly NPCs, especially nonhuman ones, are necessary. New recipes would be called for, and possibly some altered mechanics. Finally, a wide variety of ruins would be called for, and the addition of rubble objects.


Is it feasible? And if so, how difficult would it be?

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If I recall correctly Lemmy said the NPCs are going to be pretty modular.

Currently I'd say a total conversion mod would be pretty hard to achieve. A lot of the game's mechanics are still "hardcoded" on the java side. For example Skills are an ENUM, which makes it impossible to add new Skills on the Lua side (don't quote me on that - RJ said he wanted to change that and maybe it has already found its way into the game).

The other problem is that the game is constantly changing and new builds regularly change the API and require mods to be updated often.

But those are just things one has to live with when modding (especially an EA title).

I'm pretty confident once PZ is in a more stable state, bigger mods will pop up around it :)

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