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This is how you lose a perfect safe house :(

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One word sums up this evenings play... FIRE.

........ :shock:


Did you undo all my good work building some nice safe walls for you to survive behind? Tell me you at least saved some of the equipment and loot..... :cry:


hehehe, I hope you recorded it - I've GOT to watch that game run! (clyde)

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How I feel about the dev team right about now :)


Still love you guys! Dude, Melissa got tired and I was out of options so I just logged out as well. From what we say the south wall... was a bit singed. :) We have 5 players playing on the server tonight. At some point I really need to move the server to a hosted site. Little more power and more reliable. We got kicked due to low ping... the server is literally 2 feet behind us LOL

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