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Hi, it would be great if we could wear more clothes like gloves, hats(for winter), socks...


-They could get dirty with the time and/or lose efficiency.

-When it rains they would get wet and we would have to dry them (in front of a fire?) or we could get very cold.

-With the rain, puddles could appear on the ground and if we walk or run into them, our shoes and socks (pants too?) gets wet.

-Again with the rain, the grass would become muddy, and running or walking in it would wet our shoes & socks and we would run slower.


-Running in the grass/forest we could fall (or if it's impossible, at least being slowed) due to a branch on the ground or a root ? Especially if we're tired or panicked... :evil:



-Also there could be termites eating the wood sometimes ? For example we should check our log wall from time to time to see if it's not infected with termite and if we don't do anything the log wall could break or at least become very weak ?

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I'm all for clothes lines (two "pillars" and one "rope") to dry things. If I'm wet and I strip down, dry off and put on new clothes, that would be great. Also...rain jackets. But if you did have clothing that was getting dirty/stained/damp/mildewy - plenty of bleach laying around to treat that.

As for termites eating through untreated lumber projects - you could spray termite "infestations" with the plant sprayer and cigarette solution. Or maybe even spray whole clusters of logs to prevent it. Finally a good use for cigarettes.

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