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Zomboid Save Editor

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Hello fellow survivors!


I have made a simple program to edit the sandbox parameters of a save in Project Zomboid. Initially it just started out as a little poking around as I wanted to change when the water and electricity shut off, but I made it into a full program.


Check it out if you are interested, I could do with some feedback if there are any bugs with it (please post on the issue tracker on github).




To download it (or the source code), visit the link below. It will only run on Windows Vista/7/8/10, sorry no OS X or Linux support (yet)!




This project and code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPLv3 License.

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Its a nice tool.

I think i will create a Java/Scala version from your code.

For now, my only goal is to find where the damn Sledgehammer is!

I guess its possible to know where certain items are, by inspecting the save game

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