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Found 2 results

  1. 1-Air drops :Caixotes de itens que serão jogados por helicopteros(se opoe a sugestão de nukes) 2-supply items, realistic-this is not my suggestion I saw the skirt of steam suggestions in the community but did not have many views. I think in many ways this game makes it harder to survive a zombie nightmare than it would be in real life. If I could loot my IRL home in Project Zombiod I'd walk away with hundreds of nails/screws, any tool that I was missing, as much canned food as I could carry, a well stocked first aid kit, and a gun WITH ammo. I don't think I stock my home much different than most people. Everyone has these things in their home to some extent. Sure, some people have no self reliance, but it seems that literally every home in PZ belonged to those kind of people. You could say, 'Well, when things started going south there was a lot of panic and looting. You get to pick through the random things that no one else took.' I'm mostly cool with that idea, but if that were the case then where did all that loot go? Poof into thin air? I'd expect to find stashes from time to time. I'd expect to find items in the zombies pockets. A pocket knife, a pack of smokes, some chewing gum, car keys.. Something.. Remember that guy with the backpack that got bit? Well you just blew his head off, but his backpack is no where to be seen. I bet it had cool things in it. Here is a list of things that should be changed: Nails - made much more common. MUCH more. Tools - made more common. What are the odds that five random houses don't have a hammer? Trash bags - who keeps one trash bag??? I'd say 99% of homes have a whole box of them IRL Trash cans - I bet it has a trash bag in it! Maybe if I just dump it out I can use it.. Nails - made much more common. Beds - I bet that bed has a sheet on it! Maybe if I just tugged on the corner.. Trash cans - If I take the lid off maybe some water from the sky might get in there. Maybe.. Nails - everything made with nails should yield a few if you destroy it. Seeds - should have no weight. I have a pack of onion seeds here. 1.8 grams. That's .004 lbs. Cooking - don't think it could make less sense Grills - I can pick my grill up off the porch and move it. I do it for fun sometimes. Trash cans - Go get a trash can -> carry it home -> take the lid off -> +magic -> water catch Here is a list of things that should be added: Bent nails - I know for a fact that they can be reused. Right click -> straighten nails. Burn cream - burns exist in the game, so why doesn't this? Powertools - ? Chainsaw - ?? Remember driving by that trailer park the other day and seeing that kid with the mullet swinging around a katana? I do, and I think it'd be just great against zombies. He also had a machete.. Other things but I'm tired of wasting my time on this.. by:Google translatorBrazil's embrace
  2. Dunno if it's just me, but I seem to find pistols WAY more often than ammo, for corpses at least. And I think that'd be fair to have guns spawned with a random quantity of ammunition inside the mag.