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Found 3 results

  1. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/206rep4zuxbxhkk/Power%20plant.tbx?dl=0 Image: Note:This place is good for cooking a lot of food because this is a coal powerplant. Enjoy it for free.
  2. Quite simply, my idea is that you will be able to go to the power/water plants and perform maintainance on them. This will allow players in multiplayer to have an actual job (Keeping it running for all other players). HOWEVER, the maintainance will be very hard to do, requiring strength and time. This will also ensure that it will take a small team to effectively keep the plants running. I would also suggest professions from each plant, with each slightly increasing their effectivness at repairing the plants. Sorry in advance for horribly written post. :-/
  3. My suggestion is that we add corn to the game. Oh wait! It is already in the game! It is located at the North Farm in Muldraugh. Now hold on... Then what am I suggesting? Well as of now we can pick and eat corn, but we can't grow it ourselves. So I suggest that we add it as a player-grown crop. I imagine it would be the easiest new plant to add with the sprite and stats already set for it. Wait! I heard fishing... Yes! If you are an avid fisherman like myself :cool: then you probably know that corn kernels are commonly used for fishing bait. They might just be more popular than worms! Probably a regional thing. Anyways, you could use a kitchen knife and a cob of corn and get like 20 corn kernels. Now to keep a little balance in the game (so it is a risk to use food to catch more food), the rate for cathing fish would be: Small Fish - 80% Medium Fish - 18% Large Fish - 2% To add to the balance, you could have it that your bait goes bad faster and you have to put on new bait (or maybe a fish stole it! ).
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