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Found 2 results

  1. I'm relatively new to PZ modding, and the kahlua tutorials or documents over the internet are quite rare. Let me ask this question: is it possible to access public attributes of public Java classes from lua scripts? I'm sure calling public methods is viable. But there are many public attributes that didn't come with get/set methods, and try accessing them directly causes trouble. For example, "print(obj.attribute)" will always output nil, and "obj.attribute = some value" would trigger errors, which read like the class of obj isn't exposed enough for you to access its attributes. Please tell me if there is a way to make this, really appreciate!
  2. Hello. It's been a long time since I started little by little learning PZ mods. I have already created a unique map for my server and implemented a quest system there. But now I'm facing a problem that I can't solve. There is an item that is a DIAMOND (this is the currency of our server). The Code for this item is in items.txt in "script" folder on first screenshot. There is a file items_models.txt (2 picture). File *.fbx in "media\models_X\WorldItems" File *.png in "media\textures\WorldItems" 3d picture - model in Blender and UV-map 4th pic - result in-game It would seem that I have done everything so that the object is displayed in a 3D version. But he absolutely does not want to do this. There is definitely no problem with the FBX model, because checked by replacing with vanilla "Brass.fbx" and "Brass.png" in textures. So my question is. What did I NOT do so that the object is displayed not in 2d, but in 3d version? Over the past week I have watched and read a bunch of tutorial videos and guides on adding new items of clothing and could not figure out what I was doing wrong in the end. Unfortunately, I could not find guides for adding "just items", not clothes, for all this time. PS I have already tried changing the paths in "items_models.txt" to "media/models_X/WorldItems/...." Changed the name to "WorldStaticModel = Asta / (Asta_Ground) etc. Replaced everything with vanilla settings with fish (Brass.fbx, Brass.png, etc.) It didn't help. Now I turn to you and thank you in advance for your answers. When studying, I was guided by topic "THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR 3D MODELING: FROM BLENDER TO ZOMBOID!"
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