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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys! I have a problem that I could not solve on my own. We make a custom model of police car for Project Zomboid (Link). After we upload it to the Workshop, and we saw that the textures of light, damages and rust do not worked. In lua file the textures was writed to the model, but it still does not work. Anyone know, how fix that problem?
  2. So basically I was just going to suggest some new clothing. But that's too simple and oh how I love trolling the devs with ever more difficult concepts. So here we go dev team, challenge being offered to be accepted at your leisure. You can either add facewraps (using bandages and such to craft.) and ski masks. OR and here's the good part. You can add both of those *and* have them hide your identity in MP regardless of server settings for the sake of banditry. Now this can be over written by admin of server, but honestly, who would want to play on the server that did that?!?! Lol So come one and come all, challenge sent out!