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  1. Now it not worked at Blender 2.80. Can someone update it?
  2. Hello guys! I have a problem that I could not solve on my own. We make a custom model of police car for Project Zomboid (Link). After we upload it to the Workshop, and we saw that the textures of light, damages and rust do not worked. In lua file the textures was writed to the model, but it still does not work. Anyone know, how fix that problem?
  3. PriMan

    Enhanced Vehicles (WIP)

    Today we make a first release of our modification and upload it at workshop. Now you can subscribe and test it: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1373265262 Known Issues: Textures of light, damage and corrosion do not work at this time. If you know how to solve this problem, let us know. We will be very thankful.
  4. Enhanced Vehicles (WORK IN PROGRESS) Hello members! Today i want present you a our modification for Project Zomboid. We are decided to change default cars for more detailed and realistical. Our team make a new models and textures based on realistical vehicles of 90's. About progress, we will inform you at this topic. Thanks for you'r attention. Chevrolet Caprice 1992 1. First car in our modification - Police Cruiser and Park Ranger Sedan replaceble at model based on Chevrolet Caprice 1992. We are already complete a model and main textures.
  5. PriMan

    Police Cruiser Textures

    Just a simple upgrade for Police PickUp with Whelen Edge 9000 Lightbar
  6. PriMan

    Car 3D models

    Main problem of cars at this time - it make a standalone mod with new loaded car. We are try to do a new loaded model at basic design with some retexture but it was crush a game. We are make a new model, scripts file, textures and lua file with configuration of new car, but it still crush. And if just a replace a model for new and upload it at like a mod, it not work at server. Worked only new textures and script file.
  7. Deputy was made some police cruiser textuers and it was look awsome! With this idea, we can use Deputy's creation and make different variations of the police cruiser.
  8. At this moment I do not know how work the principle of using service paintjob at services vehicles, but I want to suggest using a variable number to assign a pattern at the vehicles. For example, I'll take a sample of vehicle liverys from GTA IV and GTA V. This will be useful for optimizing the game. Now for more details: In GTA V, we can find vehicles with a variation of numbers on the roofs of patrol cars / taxi / firetruck's. Is that how different textures are applied on one model. Long time ago I did the LCPD Cruisers for GTA IV and use diffirent livery to make use a one car for ownership to different regions of the city with different textures. Example: 1. Libery City Polcie Department livery Port Tudor Polcie Department livery Alderney City State Police livery In exactly the same way, we can use one model for different cities in Project Zomboid by setting the livery binding parameter to the spawn region. if Muldraugh = "1" then copcar1_livery = "1" - copcar1 at spawn position around Muldraugh spawned with livery 1 (Muldraugh Police Dept.) West Point = "2" then copcar1_livery = "2" - copcar1 at spawn position around West Point spawned with livery 2 (West Point Police Dept.) Valley Station = "3" then copcar1_livery = "3" - copcar1 at spawn position around Valley Station spawned with livery 3 (Valley Station Sheriff Dept.) Louisville = "4" then copcar1_livery = "4" - copcar1 at spawn position around Louisville spawned with livery 4 (Louisville Sheriff Dept.) Brandenburg = "5" then copcar1_livery = "5" - copcar1 at spawn position around Brandenburg spawned with livery 5 (Brandenburg Police Dept.) Fort Knox = "6" then copcar1_livery = "6" - copcar1 at spawn position around Fort Knox spawned with livery 6 (Fort Knox Sheriff Dept.) ... = "7" then copcar1_livery = "7" - copcar1 at spawn position around %new city% spawned with livery 7 (%new city%) ... = "8" then copcar1_livery = "8" - copcar1 at spawn position around %new city% spawned with livery 8 (%new city%) ... etc. I think this approach will help to bring variety and realism into the game. Thank you!
  9. Just a suggestion! Would be cool to find somethink like a Step Van of SWAT team. Maybe around a police stations or at the streets after some local conflicts. Anyway... model of this van already used in game! Just add a police lights, template and signal functions)
  10. Yes, this is also a solution, but after a year it will be difficult to find at least one charged battery in the car.
  11. The oldest and easiest way to start a car engine with an empty battery is to push the car and trying start the starter. It is possible to implement this function when 2 or more players participate in the game. It would be brilliant!
  12. Yea! That will be cool if we will can open trunk with crowbar or axe with some damage of body car. Or maybe destroy a window, sit in car and open trunk from inside.
  13. PriMan

    Police Cruiser Textures

    Wow! That was amazing! I would also add something like a Chevy Caprice 1991 or FCVPI 1992! That will be amazing for fan of cops and sheriff's stuff!
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