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Found 3 results

  1. Power after the electricity shuts off should be producible via means other than simply using a fuel generator. For instance, small wind turbines IRL are used to power battery chargers and mobile homes. Subsequently, they could fit the role of a power source that is both renewable and quiet, unlike the fuel generator, provided that the player could find any, or construct them once they reach a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill. The obvious trade off would be that they're less efficient. Furthermore, I think also giving the player the ability to find and/or build home batteries, again under the condition that they have a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill.
  2. Firstly, I realise there has been work done on zombies grouping together and moving about. It is really good, but there is still a problem, and this is it... The first part of the game is intense and challenging and fun. It is also great fun collecting supplies, hardware, etc. and building yourself an well defended base and trying to settle down into a livable, self sufficient lifestyle. That is fun for a while just surviving. But then what? Times goes by and the game becomes boring and monotonous. Plant crops, go fishing, set traps, eat, sleep, repeat. There really is no challenge anymore. You have built a carefully planned, well defended fort but for what? The defenses you spent all that time and energy planning and building are never actually tested. The odd zombie or three turns up once in a blue moon banging his head on the wall and that is easily taken care of. So, my suggestion is that later in the game, zombie hoardes start migrating out of the urban areas. Slowly in small groups at first, and as time goes on, more and more frequently and in larger groups. It can easily be explained. They have simply run out of food (as in people or rodents or whatever) in the urban areas. Everyone is dead. So they instinctively and mindlessly start migrating outwards looking for food. Especially once the power goes out. There are no lights or sounds left in the cities to keep them attracted to those places. But on a pitch black night, even a campfire casting a feint glow on the horizon a long way away may bring unwanted attention. So it works as far as the "story" goes, but I think it would also dramatically improve the gameplay and fun factor later in the game as the fort you built will actually get tested. I am not suggesting that you are under constant attack ever. The farming and trapping and surviving in the wild part of the game is great already and I am not saying turn it into a constant hack fest. I just mean that every once in a while a large hoard of zombies might stumble across your fort meaning you have to take time out a deal with the situation. For example, maybe they start migrating out in small groups once the power goes off. So maybe once a week you get a group of five to ten zombies stumbling across your camp. And as more and more time goes on, the groups get larger and more frequent. I am also not suggesting your fort gets over run (maybe really late in the game, as a year or more later, forcing you to flee and complete restart). I am just suggesting that it actually gets tested. You get to appreciate all the hard work you did when it successfully keeps out a large hoard of zombies.
  3. Hello, now I was sure this would be suggested at some point or another, but I haven't really seen it around in suggestions anywhere, if it was I'm sorry I did look through the list somewhat. Anyway, I was thinking, anyone who survived for decent amount of time currently probably would feel the same. So right now once you get set up, build or secure your safe house, stack up food, get a farm going, the game really loses a lot of its former tension and gives you very little reason to go out there again, instead people just hunker down and enter sleep/wake/sleep/wake/harvest/sleep/wake cycle. And there is really no in-game event that really prevents the player from doing that, the threat is suddenly gone. So here is the actual idea, world in the game actually every now and again spawning a horde out of the view of the player or just on the edge of it, that would wander in the general direction of the players safe house and as time went on the hordes would get bigger over time and more resource consuming to deal with, I think it would give people who have survived for extensive periods something to do, something to worry about, something to have to constantly deal with instead of simply hiding in their cubbyhole and never coming out of it, also it would be a reason to get back out there and look for resources to fight back the horde. After all, the game always begins with "There is no hope of survival, this is how you died". Or a little bit less invasive version would be having several hordes on the whole map constantly wandering from place to place randomly, having big numbers(most likely several hundred at a time) it would be something you cant just deal with by picking of one zed at a time, but rather it would be a threat that would exist with a chance of one day arriving at your door, where you would have to sit behind barricaded windows and pray they don't know you are in there. Now feel free to tell me if you like or dislike the idea, I just thought as someone who have survived for months on end and didn't have anything to do, it would be something to spice it up a little bit. And to add last, I did try to play with High/Insane amounts of zombies, to me it really makes the game more of a chore where you have to get out bash a few, rest, bash a few, rest etc. etc. I like the base normal amounts of zombies/survival mode, that you can dodge and avoid instead of having to go rambo every five steps just to get to another house.
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