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Found 2 results

  1. 1. Build any gate. 2. Loot at health (hp) of the gate. Now each tile returns 300 hp. 3. Open the gate 4. Close the gate. 5. Look at the health again. Tiles in the middle now return 500 hp. What??? Even more. 6. Hit the gate in the middle using an Axe. 7. Look at hp. Now it's 490 hp. Okay. 8. Open the gate. 9. Close the gate. 10. Look at the hp again. Now it's 500 hp again. What???????? Opening and closing the gate restores health in the middle of it. If this is normal, let me know, please! I'm trying to figure out how to fix my mod "Unbreakable Metal Walls". By now I plan to make a kind of a hack to fix this game bug (or feature).
  2. Hello. I wanted to ask, if it possible to ad gates in the game. A gate should be like 2 doors. I live in the isolated house and I built 3 Walls and a door to prevent Zombies enter my base. It kinda looks ugly (and I am addicted to symmetrie). A gate in the mid and left and right a wall. That would be fantastic. And also a gate could be the only possibility to leave your base with a car. It would be unrealistic if you could drive with a car trough a door. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what I mean. Greetings