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  1. Ares

    "Pull the Rope"

    Bump I want this implemented !
  2. Ares


    How could I have forgotten those Am I complete nuts ? *unfunny pun intended Pliz add nuts. But not any nuts. Add Deez nuts :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D #unfunny
  3. That's not the real solution is it? That's overly complicated and also makes no sense realistically. Sprinkling a bag of dirt on the ground to magically make a cell farmable is beyond illogical. I'd rather just stick with what I've been doing and build walls out a little farther to get to the grass. As for finding a Sledgehammer its not that hard. you just make a trek to McCoy logging or small warehouse and there's a great chance youll find one. I wish PZ incorporated the perfect farming mod that somebody made a long time ago. You constructed boxes to put dirt in to allow you to farm. There also needs to me multiple solutions to survival. I've have more problems finding a sand bag a sledgehammer, so it would be nice to also have it this way. Survival is based off of being creative with what you have, not be forced to gain specific items to one solution. I, in fact, plan to make a simple mod that helps players make tents easier and its very simple to do with what's already in the game. I'd give you 10$ in Real Life just to see you breaking a road with a sledgehammer
  4. Now you Sir, are an Idiot. Sorry. Have you ever developed a Game? It's not that easy. First of all there are 1000 other thing with much more priority to be done and there is also the Real Life like Familiy, Sleeping, Eating and so one. Try to do something big and tell me how you react when someone wants to put pressure on you because your are not "fast" enough.
  5. Congratulations to this great achievements. The last time I touched PZ was like one year ago because I did everything what was possible. And today I was like, ahh lets look whats new and dang bro ... amazing. The 100000x new items, TV and radios, just everything ... wow. Keep it up guys, thats one of the best games out there
  6. Since the new update my Gaming Performance improved drastically
  7. I dont work on it anymore. It seems there are not many romanian Players around here and even tough, most of them are able to speak english. Also I dont have much time anymore. Greetings
  8. Ares


    Imagine now a Moodle with Snoop Doggs Face on it sayin: "Ya Mofo got da Munchies" x)
  9. Ares


    English skill is real x) No offense btw
  10. Ares

    "Pull the Rope"

    Thank you for agreeing
  11. Hello. First of all sry for my bad english. I dont know how to say it so I just call my suggestion "Pull the Rope". So basically the idea behind "Pull the Rope" is to give us the opportunity to "Pull the Rope" x) For instance you build your base in a house with two floors. You live in the 2nd floor and you destroy the stairs so zombies cant kill you. You enter your house via a rope from the window. So when you are inside you can pull up the rope so no one can climb it too. Its perfect for multiplayer against human invaders. Do you get it ? Hope you agree with me. Thank you
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