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Found 3 results

  1. My game keeps freezing every few seconds, it makes it unplayable and completely breaks the immersion. It didn't happen at all last year when cars update launched. This have been happening since January so it's been 3 months since I cannot play PZ. So I've tried everything and nothing worked: -Lowered every graphical aspect of the game, resolution too. -Deactivated VOIP ingame. -Allocated more RAM in both the bat file and the json file (2gb 4gb and 8gb). -My PC specs are overkill for this game (16gb RAM, Ryzen 5 1600X, SSD, GeForce 1060GTX 6GB). -All drivers are up to date. -No mods and I've unsubscribed from all the mods. -Reinstalled the game, and deleted all related folders in the computer even in the %appdata% folder. -Changed Disk drives. -RAM scanning was fine. -Tried all the beta versions avaiable on Steam. I don't know what else to do and nowhere on the internet says it's gonna be fixed on next update please help. I can't actually play your game.
  2. Jason132

    Massive Periodic Freezes

    With the new update my game periodically freezes for a couple seconds, makes playing very tough Included the console, didn't notice anything unordinary though. I can also list my specs if that's needed. console.txt
  3. Duncan816


    So ladies and gentleman as some of you may know the PZ devs are adding the erosion mod that also adds seasons. So????? Lets talk about some features that would make this interesting, shall we? 1.Clothing: During those cold seasons you will need to fight for warmth especially when the gas/power go out. Resolution? Get that jacket on and strap on those boots and pants this can make a VERY serious yet entertaining experience, especially during a blizzard when you're outside. So seek shelter. 2.Food?: Well this mainly appeals to the cold seasons but you could melt snow for water but you need fire or gas. Even better? How about natures natural freezer to keep those foods frozen and last longer. 3.Terrain: when it snows as you may know snow banks can form so? Well these could slow down a person travelling and maybe when they add them, vehicles! 4.Zombies: The zombies in the cold could become slower due to freezing and become more frail. Example: You smack a raw pork loin HARD against something flat its not gonna do much but you freeze it and do it, it can snap with enough force. Any other suggestions that are GOOD? Leave them below And i'll add em!