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Found 1 result

  1. The ability to find secret rooms in houses. and/or The ability to make secret rooms in houses. I know it wouldn't be common, and I wouldn't really want it to be. But I feel it would make things interesting...like I like the idea of seeing things you normally wouldn't see, but because of the apocalypse you're able to. Like how you can go into grocery store backrooms, movie theater storage, etc. Like just imagine the kind of things people have hidden in their houses. Now, I'm not for the "awkward stuff" like "rape, kidnapping, etc." Just something different like pre-apocalypse, or during-apocalypse kind of secret rooms i.e. Like a panic room, maybe the person is insane and isolates themselves in the room, etc. It could possibly be OP, but it could be balanced because you would still need to protect your house from zombies infesting it. Also, the zombies could attack whatever is hiding your secret room (that you found, or made). And if it's okay for the material to be something more or less indestructible like metal, or zombies don't attack your door; it would make for some interesting scenarios i.e. Hiding in your secret panic room slowing dying from lack of food, or medical aid cause you're unable to go out because of your house is zombie infested, having to decide whether to make a run for it, or not. And players would be able to guessif someone has something like this. There are probably a good decent amount of holes in this, so let me know what you all think constructively. It's definitely not priority, but I feel it's something weird that would be interesting. Just some ideas.
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