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Found 4 results

  1. When you fill a pan with water, durability of the weapon doesn't show anymore. Then, when you empty the water from the pan, if the pan was already damaged before you fill it, it goes back to full durability.
  2. I would like to suggest changes for the sake of realism, or perhaps options in the menu when starting a new game to bring more realism to the game. I love the game and one of the things I like most about it is that it has a feeling of realism to it that other games always lack. It is brutal and unforgiving just like a situation like this in real life would be. To that end, there are a few things already in the game, or expected to be added to the game in the future, that I think would break immersion. 1 - Tool/Weapon durability. I understand that this was implemented to add difficulty to the game but it is completely unrealistic and just seems a bit silly to me at times. I am a contractor and I have been building houses from the ground up for about 10 years now. I still own the first hammer I ever purchased 10 years ago. While I did eventually upgrade to a titanium hammer, the steel hammer I used previously saw about 40 - 60 hours per week of smashing steel and wood repeatedly. After all of that punishment I can still pick it up now and use it. I never had to repair it either. The axe is another tool I use frequently. Admittedly an axe does require occasional repair but that involves popping in a new handle, which is just a milled plank of hardwood. Using these tools as they are intended would not damage them in any significant way and using them to chop or bash what is essentially human bodies would actually be less likely to damage them. Guns do require maintenance but that involves breaking them down and cleaning them and applying oil where necessary. 2 - Power Generation - I know that generators are a planned feature but unless animal fat rendering is added to the game it wouldn't make any sense. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days, so using that beyond a month or two is just out of the question. Same thing goes for vehicles. The only engines that would be viable after an event like this would be of the diesel variety, as they can run on biofuel. I would suggest that solar panels and windmills be added to the game as solar panels are fairly common and windmills are ridiculously easy to build. 3 - Farming - I think the farming in the game is excellent and I'd love to see how the devs expand on it further. I just have one simple suggestion here and that is hydroponics. I usually play with the grow times cranked to max for more realism. It is harder and requires a much large farm. I think that growing indoors/underground would be the way to go in a situation like the zombie apocalypse. It would also be interesting to see the mechanics involved as growing with hydroponics is more complex than one might believe. 4 - Fire - For the love of all that is zomboid, please fix the fire. I have the worst luck with campfires and watching fire spread across dirt, gravel and concrete just completely breaks immersion. 5 - Forge - We need forges badly. Forges are relatively straight forward to build and simple tools, weapons and armour can be crafted with most metal lying around absolutely everywhere in modern civilization. While blacksmithing can take an entire lifetime to master, rudimentary gear could be crafted even by an amateur that would serve the desired function well enough. Perhaps some or all of things are planned for the future and, if so, I can't wait to see it. If anybody has any additional ideas to add realism I would love to hear them as well. This game is the closest I have seen to a true survival simulator and I believe it has the potential to take that realism even further. I believe it is the greatest strength of the game and the game should be pushed even further in that direction. Make it hard, make it impossible even, but do it in a realistic way, so that it's that much more horrifying when our face gets chewed off by a zombie.
  3. So, I've had the game for a long time now, and since Mathas started his playthrough again, after the latest patch, I found my love for the game again. So I've played for an in-game month or so on my main, and a week on every one of my alt characters. During this time I've been messing with the settings and seasons, to try and gauge the new content. First off, it's majestic. 10/10, I actually get riled up when zombies notice me. Instead of just mowing them down, I usually find it preferable to run. Thanks to all the great people working on this game, thank you. Your new content is appreciated. I can conserve my own food, get injured in the most macabre and weird ways, and I can stitch together a long-term survival camp in the weirdest places. But even as zombies have become an actual menace, I still feel like I miss something... a reason to leave my little fort, when it's finally semi-self-sustainable, when I have a garden, water and enough medicine and non-perishable food for a winter or two. I need a reason to go out and look for resources, and firewood just doesn't cut it for me any more. Thus comes my suggestions to improve life for us boring players who turtle down in our fortresses of solitude. 1. Clothing durability I start my games in early spring, a time I prefer to prepare myself for winter and the menacing months ahead. I started out with no clothing on my torso, but soon came upon a sweater, which I've kept until shortly, where I was perpetually "unpleasantly hot", now after wearing the same sweater for a couple of months, it's resting in my storage, until I'll be needing it again. It bugs me, it bugs me that my clothes do not tear, or damage over time. As I scavenge and fight zombies, it seems my clothes have become indestructible, and although the new thread and needle gives me hope for a brighter future, I still feel like reminding you of it. Of the seemingly pristine clothes worn by zombies and the uselessness of socks, shoes, pants, skirts and torso clothing, when it can't be torn or destroyed, the game world is littered with useless items that people would never need picking up, unless they want to make a big deal out of fueling their campfires exclusively with clothing they've spent important weight capacity to carry back to their camps and bases. Having to scavenge for new clothes would be a welcome change of pace, for when I just look for more non-perishable food. 2. Clothing and the weather I know, I know. It's erratic and unnecessary, it's been mentioned before. But I feel like the addition of a "jacket" type item, which protects moderately against the weather and water, would greatly improve on the OP "catch-all" sweater, with it's 15 degrees buff. Either that, or simply debuff the overpowered sweater, so making a campfire actually becomes important when the cold of winter rolls into town. Or buff winter, whatever is the easier way out, I just feel like the winter months don't pose any actual thread unless you're completely dumbfounded by the temperature stats on your clothing. 3. Cloth repurposing Ever tried looking for a sweater to protect you from the cold, and finding only blouses and vests? Ever considered the useless nature of scissors, needles and thread? Why wouldn't repurposing items be possibly, so we can craft matresses using the stuffed Spiffos, as a supplement to pillows? And using the many different clothing articles to create sheets, when you ultimately can't find any 8 months after the apocalypse? 4. Sadness and boredom - underpowered as **** Being a gamey ****stain, I always take brooding, hot tempered and light drinker when I pick character traits. It's cheap points for something that only ever becomes relevant if you get bit and become ill. Only in the most horrible of moments have I had to start popping pills in order to keep my mood in check, and I feel that it's a real damn shame, because experiencing the apocalypse first hand should ultimately be far more stressing and depressing than what it's being made out to be. The system of regaining happiness by indulging yourself in the pre-apocalyptic joys of hot meals, candy and alcohol are totally fine with me, although food needs a debuff and we need an addiction system for the medication and alcohol we ingest. Losing boredom by just moving should be removed and replaced with a system of actions that you can remove boredom with, books and games being the easiest, if you can't do some crafting. Fighting zombies since it's a quick and easy way of removing boredom seems a little cheaty, even if your character is Irish. I'd like to see sadness and depression becoming harder to fight, with the over-time reduction initially being a slight -0.1 penalty, as you experience the first days of the apocalypse, and then flatten out into 0 as you survive the first month, and only after that, there should be a small 0.1 bonus to the over-time reduction, as you learn to cope with the new world order. Being a broody character would have course make the over-time reduction nill, and you'd have to rely on cheering yourself up and medicating yourself, instead of just not giving a rats ***. The severity of boredom and depression should also be ramped up, with a bump in your percieved needs. Depressed characters would be less inclined to eat and would not even show signs of being peckish, their moodle should be slightly skewered, as the depression becomes more severe, so the chance of slipping into starvation becomes bigger and bigger, as the moodle gives imprecise information. Likewise, boredom should make you more inclined to eat, smoke and drink, boosting your depression and making your moodle skewer slightly in the other direction. A bored person would seem hungry even when there is no need to stuff one self with precious food supplies. A character afflicted with both would at first not notice the skewered eatin habits, but would instead become stressed, as inactivity and depression chip away at their health, making them far more susceptible to disease. I've so far only encountered stress and unease when I was infected and combating the infection with food, medicine and as many cigarettes as I could find. Having to combat boredom and depression in the winter months would be awesome, since I'm usually confined to my base, unless I play as a freshly spawned survivor '8 months after' or just fancy freezing my *** off at the beginning of the game. 5. Personal fertilizer production I know what you think, but it's not just a modified toilet. I remember back when I first started playing and someone mentioned the idea. And it stuck. I'd like to see a pit for all of my rotting produce, since jar lids and jars are so rare for me, I'd really appreciate it if I could at least dump the rotting piles of cabbages into a pit or a barrel in which it could mold and rot before I collect it and use it to support my garden. Please, please, please put this in soon, because the area outside my base where I dump items that have lost all value to me (IE it's rotten) is growing out of control, and it makes no sense that it just stays there on the ground for months on end. 6. Adding glass The addition of a mirror item, along with erosion gave me an idea, as a horde forced me to relocate my base of operations early. Why not add glass? It would be rare, yes. But the addition might make it possible to construct 2x2 grid greenhouses, terrariums for our cricket companions and most importantly, fix the damn windows, so I won't be forced to accidentally jump out of them and cut my fingers in the process. I could just fix the damn thing, without having to get into carpenting early. It could be hardware, and found on construction sites, in warehouses and the hardware store, with the same dropchance as sandbags and barbed wire, an uncommon necessity for those of us who like have spotlights and protected inner yards around the gate to our forts. Also helps if you build a house from scratch... 7. An apple tree? I know it's a long shot, but I once survived 4-5 months on a character before a zombie in the grass got me, and by the time, I had started considering what my long-long-term project should be. How about being able to extract apple seeds from the apples we see at the start of the game? You'd have to use a knife, and the tree would need a 2x2 grid to grow in, and it'd take 8 months to 1 year before it's fully matured, a time-frame few survivors would see anyways(So to hell the the realism for the apple trees!), and it'd bloom in spring and bear fruit in summer, with a harvest between 10 - 20 apples. It'd make sense for us to have some sort of cool, late game gimmick that we can proudly look at when we finally manage to break the 1 year barrier. I might end up making several more lists when I get deeper into the new food preparation system, fishing and scavenging, but as of now, these were my 14 cents worth of thoughts.
  4. I do understand the need for a reduction in durability. The story of how you died, I get it. However, there are several items which degrade far far too quickly if we want to talk about realism. The Axe is the first and really the most important. My father has had the same Axe since I have been alive (I am 42). The polish that was on the wood handle is gone. The wood has been worn so smooth that it is actually a little slippery. It has chopped enough wood for the polish of the wood to be gone, and the wood underneath to be worm smooth from the action of his hands. It has no cracks or chips. I would feel comfortable say that it could split the heads of thousands of zombies and be fine. It would need only to be sharpened for better effect. With that in mind, I also think that if the handle became damaged it would be a very very short term fix (A swing or two) and it would not be repairable unless a new handle could be made. The Baseball Bat: This item I think is a little too fragile. It should last a little longer than it does, but I do not know exactly how much longer. Basically I would change the durability loss to match what it is being used for. Breaking down a door, big loss. Breaking a window, almost no loss. Bashing a Zed, little to no loss. The Spiked Bat: I would think the durability of this should be lowered even more. For the same reason that both the bat and ax should be increased. It is the integrity of the wood that is the question. Drive a nail through a bat and it is going to split. The process of making ax handles and Bats is similar and the polish and shaping is what makes them strong. I am also not entirely sure that a nail or two would do that much more damage. The Crowbar: This should be indestructible. Having used them many times, I have never encountered anything more severe than chipped paint. It would make for the most part a terrible weapon for accuracy, but it would never ever break on the head of a Zombie. Not EVER. Firearms: Durability is another issue here. As well as maintenance. Clean it, care for it, largely indestructible. However, if you do not clean it or maintain it, is does not simply stop working most times. It explodes and kills you. Again to refer to my father, he has had the same double barrel shot gun since he was a teenager. It is one of the finest firearms ever made, and that is something I think that may be a bit too much to manage for Dev's to start throwing in this kind of weapon brand and so on. However, it is well maintained, cleaned after every use. Maintenance should be easy. Breakage should be terrible. After more than 50-60 shots, without cleaning I think several modern firearms become dangerous things. I know it is late in the game for suggestions but realism seems to be very important to developers and players alike. That is why I have made this suggestion.
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