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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I think put bullets in campfire will be a cool feature for make distration. Thanks
  2. After a quick google search, I've noticed that it's legal to buy and sell some fireworks in Kentucky. Thinking back on some zombie movies, like Land of the Dead, where survivors will strategically use fireworks to distract/lure zombies away. If you included a fireworks store, you'd open up some possibilities for items that generate noise. You could go all the way from low-scale firecrackers, which would be useful for pulling zombies out of a building or distracting a nearby horde. You could maybe have roman candles, which would be very ineffective against zombies, but the projectiles could be something the zombies follow. The largest scale firework could be a legitimate firework, which operates in a similar fashion to the helicopters, only it's stationary, but still have a pretty large radius. In order to use Fireworks, you'd need a lighter or some matches.
  3. I've been playing a while now, and it might just be me, but I found that the only way to get zombies away from some place is to distract em, but that would be to you by screaming at them. Now, my idea was, that there would be firecrackers, or however you call them, its this bunch of small firework sticks bunched together and then lit and then they'd all go and explode but not in a big explosion but small sparks that would all go "click click click" and such. Back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if that was another way to distract zombies away from a place instead of screaming. Imagine youre low on food, and theres that store. One problem, a group of 20 - 50 zombies is standing all around it. I thought you could then go to someplace safe, light and quickly throw a firecracker to another place like 50 meters away from that store, then all the cracking would distract the zombies and make them move there while you can quickly sneak inside the building get the food and get out safely. Okay so here others ideas: Traps: Barbed Wire trap: Requires: Wood plank x4, Barbed wire x2. A small patch of barbed wire laid down on the ground. Zombies and npcs walking over it will slow down heavily and get scratches every second, perfect for slowing down hordes and gaining time and injuring to killing uncareful survivors poor enough to run over it. Group members will ignore this trap and find other ways to walk around it / even take no damage walking over it at all. Can be removed with gloves shall they ever be implemented. Spike hole trap: Requires: Shovel (duh), nails x20. Can only be placed on grass and dirt. A small hole covered with leaves, when someone runs into it (s)he will fall into a medium deep pit full of nails and most likely result dead. 1 time use only. Bear trap: Ideal for animals and humans alike, will severly injure a humans leg and kill an animal, can be used to hold off some zombies as theyll feast upon whatever poor thing ran into it. He...hehheeehehehehahahhahahaha..... Distraction: Bottle A bottle of whisky or just a normal bottle, can be thrown up to 25 meters, any zombie 10-20 meters near it will hear the glass shatter and shamble / jog / run to that position. More ideas to come! We had this in the old game so might as well now. Pour fourth all of your ideas about traps, home made bombs, distractions for zombies, etc. here so that we can keep track of all of them without having the suggestions forum overrun with them! -Rathlord
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