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Found 2 results

  1. I've just got an idea. I believe we should get delivery man occupation, it should reduce actually driven cars negative aspects a bit and improve positve ones. Like, It would be easier to turn the van, and you can get more storage or stg. I hope you understand what I mean. Maybe it would be better to split it to two occupations like delivery man (for bigger vehicles) and pizza boy, or something like this (for normal sized cars and/or motorbikes in future) Another separate idea i've got some time ago: I'd love to be able to carry a touristic refrigerator (you know this blue and white battery powered boxes used for keeping your beer bottles cold on picnic or something.) And this mug that can keep your drinks hot for few hours(I forgot the word ;p ). This would be useful in Autmn and winter when it starts to get cold outside, and a sip or two of hot coffe could help you not freeze to death on long scavenging runs. It's nothing very oryginal and creative vut I haven't seen sugestions like this here. (I still could have missed them, then im sorry if I do.)
  2. Hi all. Some people started this tread before, but I want to share my thoughts. NOTHING about bicycles, and vehicles whis visual aspect, that cant be released now. For now there are some types of cars, such as : sedan, station wagon, pickup, different van's, and a sport car. Buttt, the are no such class of car like 4-door SUV's and also buses and taxis, etc. So, this is my ideas: As for me, it will be cool to see in game sutch SUV like 1990 jeep cherokee, or smth like it As a taxi may be used sedan model with tag, but if it will look like a 1987 chevy caprice it would be much better =)) As a bus can be used MCI GRAYHOUND MC9, or something like it. If you guys will add this thing it will be SUPERCOOL!!! Riding on the highway and smashing zombies on something like 1990 Peterbilt 362 semi truck will be amazing! Also adding trailers to the game will be a cool thing, with it, for example, you can carry more loot or materials if you are driving a small car, or just a car with small trunk Or even live in it =))) Adding RV's to game also will be awersome, for example, you can live out of city, in your RV, actualy, feeds on what nature gives, and even forget about zombies!xDD It can be like 1990 Ford jamboree or other class C motorhome Of cource big vehicles like trucks, buses, RV's and existing vans should use more gas than regular city cars, and also they should have more storage space. I have too much thougts about this, so maybie I'll create other post, where will be more details and ideas. And what do you guys think about it all?
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