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  1. Intel® HD Graphics 3000 console.txt
  2. Already did. Minimalised graphics stuff in PZ settings too.
  3. On the plus side. Game seems noticeably less laggy than before.
  4. Well a minute or two after starting a game this popped up. Then game crashed. Got some of the game log on screen, I suspect it's just my oldass graphics card, but still I'd love to be sure.
  5. Crossbow7734


    Wow. I love this new targeting system for firearms. Can't wait to play PZ with those changes. It looks sooo fun!
  6. I believe I already suggested something similar, but my sugestion was about loudspeakers on patrol cars. Later I just realised how stupid of an aidea it was,as it would be a viable option only in Multiplayer, or when your car is static. The megaphone sounds cool. And I still believe we need 2 way radios in patrol cars and emergency vehicles. instead of normal radio.
  7. Would be nice. I hope for "Don't dead open inside" reference too.
  8. Crossbow7734

    Night Drivin’

    Yes please, I need it!
  9. Crossbow7734

    Night Drivin’

    Holy balls im so hyped for this update again. I hope it will work smoothly on my bronze age laptop
  10. Crossbow7734

    Zed Snacking

    It makes sense for slow zombies to kneel down, they will have more trouble getting up, the crawlers should literally try munching on the corpse while lying and we would get a little heads up what kind of zombie we're dealing with. Or maybe they should not do that. It would be more surprising that way.
  11. Crossbow7734

    Zed Snacking

    I find that last video very spooky.
  12. Crossbow7734

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    Sauce pan of mass destruction!
  13. Also I hope we'll get some preview of survivalist outfit. Sounds cool.
  14. They're working on bugfixes to an extended degree. The update is getting close I feel.
  15. I actually got a random idea. And I believe it would be possible to implement with new weather system. I'd love to be able to watch weather forecasts on TV or listen to it on the radio. I believe knowing probability of a rainy weather in a particular day, would help with farming and planning long runs. At least as long as TV and radio stations are broadcasting and you still have power. Maybe we could even be able to get that info later from survivors broadcasting on HAM radio from local meteorology station or something, (probably less acurate than the professional ones).
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