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  1. Crossbow7734

    Zed Snacking

    I find that last video very spooky.
  2. Crossbow7734

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    Sauce pan of mass destruction!
  3. Crossbow7734

    TV programmes

    I knew about that thing with multiple TV giving more experience, but I was always wondering if you read a skillbook and then watch a tv show, will it multiply received exp?
  4. Crossbow7734

    Drink to the Memory

    Also I hope we'll get some preview of survivalist outfit. Sounds cool.
  5. Crossbow7734

    Drink to the Memory

    They're working on bugfixes to an extended degree. The update is getting close I feel.
  6. Crossbow7734

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    By the way. My playstyle includes a lot of rumbling thrugh the forest, but I still don't know if Graceful helps with rustling when moving through the trees? Does any skill or trait help with that?
  7. Crossbow7734

    Vehicles related performance issues.

    Hi. I have a little performance problems when driving cars. It's only minor staggering and a little bit delayed response, and it occures only when zoomed out far. Number of Zeds on the screen also has some impact on this. I like to zoom the camera as far as possible when driving, because it gives me a better picture of the road ahead, and I wonder if it would be possible to do something about this. I am actually using options file with everything set to be as smooth as posible, only with zoom and 3D models enabled (because I don't see cars if I disable it) from one of similar threads. What is the best for performance setting with cars visible? I believe there is some ongoing optimalization work, that will improve performance in future builds, do you think it will help with that case? What else can I do to improve it from my end?
  8. Crossbow7734

    What is the ultimate base location?

    Personally I love to set up in the little cabin by the lake just north-ish of Westpoint, or in one of three big houses nearby. I don't know, but the idea of a hidden far away base is most attractive to me. It may be boring to some people but it has some challenges to overcome, for example i Have to travel a while to get somewhere I can loot so a car is almost mandatory. I believe in future updates, when hunting will become a real thing, and we get NPC I'll try to establish a settlement in those cabins south-ish from Muldraugh, that's another cool place I like. Or maybe one day I'll try it with some people on multiplayer server.
  9. Crossbow7734

    removable negative traits

    I didn't knew that. Interesting.
  10. Crossbow7734

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    Interesting point. Still which one do you prefer?
  11. Crossbow7734

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    Hi. I just wonder, which of those two traits is better in your opinion. If possible write down some arguments behind your decission.
  12. Crossbow7734

    Weather Forecasts

    I actually got a random idea. And I believe it would be possible to implement with new weather system. I'd love to be able to watch weather forecasts on TV or listen to it on the radio. I believe knowing probability of a rainy weather in a particular day, would help with farming and planning long runs. At least as long as TV and radio stations are broadcasting and you still have power. Maybe we could even be able to get that info later from survivors broadcasting on HAM radio from local meteorology station or something, (probably less acurate than the professional ones).
  13. Crossbow7734

    Some vehicle suggestions.

    Gonna tag along to the topic. Add Two-way radios in police cars, park ranger cars, ambulances and fire department cars. I believe that's a little bit of an oversight.
  14. Crossbow7734


    I love the idea of Motorbikes, and bicycles, with generally less storage. Also riding a motorbike should be more dangerous and less forgiving. You don't have a seatbelt after all. And collisions could result in you falling off the bike, sustaining various amounts of damage ( depending on speed, and gear you wear). Also generally most bikes are louder than cars, but also can be faster, and are more "nimble". I'd personally love to go for a bicicle trip in the middle of zombie apocalypse. (Not joking I believe bikes are the best invention regarding transport in the history of mankind, and i have my reasons!)
  15. Crossbow7734

    Aim priority.

    I like the idea, but I think if we are going to get that in game we need to wait until devs add wildlife to the game. It would be a lot more logic to properly aim at animals when you hunt, because if you just shot them they may ran off and bleed somewhere in the middle of the forest, instead dropping almost on the spot. So that system would make a lot of sense then, and I'd love some kind of target indication. It's a little confusing when you have multiple zombies as possible targets. Maybe a little colour thingie like with containers, and it may also show you which specific part of the creature you're targeting. A little bit like in Fallout series. Yep, I know my english is bad.