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  1. Guns are being reworked, to make the a viable option in game, they will sooner or later get more uses than killing zeds.
  2. Yes. Soon I'll be able to exercise while listening to Eye of the tiger, while running from hordes and watching tv in the breaks.
  3. Crossbow7734


    Cool. Will there be a smaller update with those mentioned features anytime soon? #TreePushersGang
  4. Actually I believe no matter the force if it is applied on smaller surface it makes more damage, that's why blades cut and axes split stuff apart. And hitting something with a weapon that hits bigger area spreads the force of hit and the potential damage across the target. You are fighting a zombie. You don't want to give him a concussion or internal bleeding or a broken bone. You want to destroy the brain, and to do that you should penetrate the flesh and then split the bone. Even historical maces were designed in a way, to minimize point of contact with target to focus the force. Considerin
  5. So, I've noticed that when a character hits a target with a shovel they do it with the flat part of the tool. It's pretty obvious that hitting with the metal edge would be more effective, in fact historically durig The Great War soldiers used sharpened entrenching tools (or however you call shortened military shovel like things) this way. Not sure why in game you use the flat part like in movies, but it never seemed okay to me. Maybe someone posted a similar suggestion, but I couldn't find it.
  6. Hey OI like those suggestions, maybe we will see them with NPCs added, but remember there are more instruments than just a guitar in game.
  7. Wait I know. We have Books, we have TV, and radio. Soon we will have working PCs... We can now perform proper social distancing.
  8. Now that's interesting. I wonder what will PCs make possible to do. Any ideas?
  9. Cool. So many small but important fixes and changes. But I still wait for bayonetts
  10. You are able to bury corpses (up to 5 in 1 grave). You can also burn corpses with some gas and a lighter, or a molotov coctail. Preparing to do so exposes you to extended contact with them, and may make you sick. That's why I suggest it. Gas mask should help a bit with that too. Hope devs see this.
  11. The more corpses the more severe the sickness. It eventually deals damage to your health and may be lethal if exposed to massive corpsepiles for a long time.
  12. Hi. So the corpses make you sick. But we now we have hazmat suit in the game. I feel like Hazmat suits shuld protect the wearer from corpse sicness. It would make them pretty useful to clear massive slaughterpits and stuff.
  13. Crossbow7734


    the update is getting closer and closer. But there is still one important question that needs to be adressed. Bayonets when?
  14. As I said I was testing clothes. I spawned them in debug mode, but I suspect they can be found in police stations and/or military facilities. Other option ( a wild theory) robber zombies in banks?
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