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Found 3 results

  1. Further to my post in Pea Super, I included some thoughts below on how to reduce some clicks in the game and make some interactions more intuitive. TLDR; My humble vision would say to keep the game down to three possible player actions: Right click to open menus/options. Left click to execute. Space to cancel execution. 1. Change the default ESC to cancel actions in cars: Is this indicated in the game anyplace? I think it's more intuitive to hook this function to the spacebar/shove action, which is likely what 90% of players use to cancel actions outside of vehicles. 2. Radial menu access when in cars: What if the vehicle action radial menu were made accessible by right clicking a car while inside of it? Pressing "V" is fine, but most of the game's interaction is "right click" or "E" as a substitute. Consistency here could keep button creep to a minimum. 3. Device interactions: Similar to #2. Could devices be set so that right clicking on them opens the device menu instantly? The character would still have to walk over to execute actions, but this saves us a click. Similarly, it would be lovely if clicking outside of these menus closed them, much as context menus or pinned inventory menus close when clicke out of. Finding that tiny little close X can be life or death sometimes. Anything else that could be trimmed down?
  2. What's this? This mod moves the four statically placed buttons "Inventory", "Crafting", "Health" and "Move Furniture" into a Window that you can move around on the screen. The player can decide which buttons to show and which buttons to hide. Other mods can also hook into this window and add their own buttons to it. Cool! Where do I get this? You can download it on the Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507746061 Or from github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcToolbar/releases This mod depends on the bcUtils package v1.2.0 or newer: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcUtils/releases The bcUtils package is also available on the Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=503640135 Enjoy
  3. I've had a look inside the "LastStandSetup.lua" found in the SteamApps/lua folders. I noted that essentially, the Last Stand and subsequent Challenges, are in fact written as if by the way of a modder- that is to say, everything in there is handled from event handlers. Neat. I've took it upon myself (after being unable to find anything on the forum under User Interfaces), to have a shot at achieving the following: STEP 1: Create a button that slots in alongside the initial game UI. Like so: STEP 2: Once the button is clicked, execute the code to join the server's I.P Address. And thats it! basically! I haven't looked at any of the multiplayer code, but I've been diving into the UI stuff, would I be right in assuming it is not without the realm of possibility to use the following event: OnPostUIDraw To create some kind of button to achieve this? Watch this thread for more progress as it happens-
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