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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to build a mod. First try. My objective is to craft something like the "lamp on a pillar", but with a tree branch and some rags. I already have made a simple craftable torch made of wood and ripped sheets, with translations. This torch currently behaves like a "lit candle": it emits light if held in hand. That was the easy part, but this is not what I had in mind... Now, I'd like to improve a few things: Ability to place the torch on the ground (vertically and using a menu option, just like the wooden cross) Ability for said placed torch to emit light (for base lighting) [optional] Ability to animate said placed torch This is important for base lighting at night, if one does not wish to rely on "lamp on a pillar". Any advice / links to relevant resources / names of events/functions to look up in order to accomplish that? Is it possible at all using modding? Thanks!
  2. UPDATED To 1.16! Added Brute Force Tinned food Added Sharpening to Hunting Knives Crafty Survivor Items! Working with Build 26 (craftable, usable, tested with other people, can be used in stock servers as it is client side, two players with crafty can share and use eachothers items in multiplayer, people without cannot see crafty items on the ground ) Designed as a craft and smith type expansion for the stock game, crafty survivor. introduces new items through crafting recipe's rather than spawning them in around the world. all crafty survivor items are hand made by you and your fellow survivors! Crafty Survivor takes the view that an un-trained survivor would just have to make do with found objects, instead of creating elabourate forge setups and machines relying on non-renewable resources. as such crafty items try to take this into account by only using stock items and parts of stock items for crafting. Features: Bush Anvil - a hand made anvil allowing a survivor to do things like, make nails, break up tools, craft things. Sharpening - a module that adds sharpening stones allowing players to sharpen bladed weapons for more damage Cloth Torch - a classical adventuring torch for players seeking a more renewable light source. Brute force tinned cans - now anyone desperate enough with a knife can open a tin of food with enough time and effort. Installation: Copy zip content to project zomboid mod folder Upgrading: Delete old craftysurvivor folder then copy zip content to the mod folder (less chance of conflicts' if I change an item name) Item List: Recipe List: Changelog: V1.16 - added brute force to tinned food if you have a knife/pointy tool added sharpening to Hunting Knives V1.15 - added Sharpening weapons (AXE) V1.11 - added a few recipes to Bush anvil. V1.1 - added Bush Anvil V1.01 - Tweaked Torch Burn time down alot V1.0 - Cloth Torch added Mirror https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17076512/craftysurvivor1.16.zip ** these items must all be crafted into existence, they are not naturally occurring. craftysurvivor1.16.zip
  3. I did a few searches to see if this was brought up somewhere... they yielded no results unless mentioned somewhere in a thread that got off topic. Thought it would be cool to put an item like a candle holder so that we could place a candle on a table or similar surface. Just looking to bring some light into my boarded up house after the electricity goes without opening a curtain and bringing attention to myself. Love the game
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