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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, i started yesterday brewing some little mod/pack on my own. Contents Crafty Survivor Items by Fenrix Dried Fruit by Bassair/Basseri/Kerilynne Canning Mod by Highlander I rearranged the filestructure into a single module, cleaned a little and made some of the objects spawn. Changed Graphics, balancing etc. See below for more detailed information. Working SP/MP (MP without modloader). Changes Crafty Survivor Items by Fenrix - Bush Anvil requires a Smooth/Rough Stone to be crafted - Smooth/Rough Stones can be found in bins now. - Some minor changes to the Icons Dried Fruit by Bassair/Basseri/Kerilynne - Dried food do perish after a while. - Food takes longer to dry. - Some minor changes to the Icons. - Update to build 26 Canning Mod by Highlander - Jars need to be cooked now to preserve the food. - Jars do perish too, not too fast, you might be a zombie first. - Fruit Jams give happyness now. - Vegetable Jars provide a little boredom. - Rats in Jars are unhealthy uncooked. - New Graphics - Update to Build 26 Graphics Crafty Survivor Items by Fenrix Dried Fruit by Bassair/Basseri/Kerilynne Canning Mod by Highlander (Graphics redone) ToDo - More Graphics refinement - More Mods/Recipes - Wait for permission of implemente authors - Rebuild everything in case no author reads this :S Download Due to the lack of permission this Pack is private. So please, if you read this and you are the author of one of these mods, let me know: 1. if i could permit others to download this (credit is given throughout the code/scripts/forum/whatevermightcome) 2. if you are interested in further developing this mod/pack/branch So much for one day of work. Greetings B1337 // Since i can't delete this, could this post please be moved to Items/WIP?
  2. UPDATED To 1.16! Added Brute Force Tinned food Added Sharpening to Hunting Knives Crafty Survivor Items! Working with Build 26 (craftable, usable, tested with other people, can be used in stock servers as it is client side, two players with crafty can share and use eachothers items in multiplayer, people without cannot see crafty items on the ground ) Designed as a craft and smith type expansion for the stock game, crafty survivor. introduces new items through crafting recipe's rather than spawning them in around the world. all crafty survivor items are hand made by you and your fellow survivors! Crafty Survivor takes the view that an un-trained survivor would just have to make do with found objects, instead of creating elabourate forge setups and machines relying on non-renewable resources. as such crafty items try to take this into account by only using stock items and parts of stock items for crafting. Features: Bush Anvil - a hand made anvil allowing a survivor to do things like, make nails, break up tools, craft things. Sharpening - a module that adds sharpening stones allowing players to sharpen bladed weapons for more damage Cloth Torch - a classical adventuring torch for players seeking a more renewable light source. Brute force tinned cans - now anyone desperate enough with a knife can open a tin of food with enough time and effort. Installation: Copy zip content to project zomboid mod folder Upgrading: Delete old craftysurvivor folder then copy zip content to the mod folder (less chance of conflicts' if I change an item name) Item List: Recipe List: Changelog: V1.16 - added brute force to tinned food if you have a knife/pointy tool added sharpening to Hunting Knives V1.15 - added Sharpening weapons (AXE) V1.11 - added a few recipes to Bush anvil. V1.1 - added Bush Anvil V1.01 - Tweaked Torch Burn time down alot V1.0 - Cloth Torch added Mirror https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17076512/craftysurvivor1.16.zip ** these items must all be crafted into existence, they are not naturally occurring. craftysurvivor1.16.zip
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0961pa6lv0rv8lm/usefulBleach.zip No longer just a quaint method of thirst reduction, harness the buautifying pwoer of bleach to cleanse those stubborn blood stains from walls. Version 1 cares about your pathetic inventory and it's contents. It rejects your attempts to wash anything and everything, other than which can be washed by bleach. From removing troublesom stains on walls to floors, bleach enables all. If it doesn't come out in one go, try two, three, four, or even five times! Get that spot out. Spoiler https://www.dropbox.com/s/0961pa6lv0rv8lm/usefulBleach.zip No longer just a quaint method of thirst reduction, harness the beautifying power of bleach to clean those stubborn blood stains (and far too much more) from walls. Version 0 doesn't care about your pathetic inventory, nor it's contents. It will let you wash anything, and everything, even those which won't appear washed (floor tiles, zombie corpses, yourself), but it will remove blood from walls -- and even remove accent pieces, such as trim overlapping brick. Though this includes an additional Java function in IsoGridSquare (UnDoBloodSplat), it appears to be unnecessary. Everything it does should be doable in the Lua side . . . eventually. Source code included. Note, this is not compatible with save files (it will not work on loaded blood spatter nor blood overlays). Do not use this with The Censor mod. Be sure to use only in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Mod Created by Tommysticks This mod replaces some skin textures with custom ones. It only works with 3-D models enabled. Place the mod folder in the following directory: users > username > Zomboid > mods o When you start a new game, choose a male character and the furtherest right "Body Type" and "Hair Type" for Spiderman.o Choose the furthest left body type and furthest right hair type for Captain America.o Choose the 2nd body type from the left for Scorpion.o Choose the furthest left female body type for Spiffo.o You will only be able to see the custom skins in-game if your character is not wearing clothes. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD NOW I will accept requests for custom skins. Keep in mind, it will only look good if the skin is a "body suit" like Spidey's.
  5. hi, does anyone know if there is something like an TOO MANY ITEMS MOD for build 26 out yet? all the old cheat mods to spawn items in game are outdated...
  6. I saw the topic about missing icons, and have checked this solution, but does not seem to work. I made 3 backpacks, all with different icons. I have tried this tutorial (http://pz-mods.net/guide/adding-custom-item-sprites/) but cant seem to find out why it does not work. Here is my structure military bags>media>scripts>MBAG.txt (using pastebin) http://pastebin.com/aiN85Zeb I have my textures in this folder military bags>media>textures as item_bugoutbag.png item_daypack.png item_rucksack.png Lastly I am using a lua script to load the textures. military bags>media>lua>server>mbag.lua mbag/lua http://pastebin.com/NvKUzmDt using all of this I cannot get the textures to load in.. Any ideas why? So far this is my only bug in my mod, I hope to make it bug free by the end of today so any help will be much appreciated. here is a download link for my mod in-case you need to see everything else https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0oYjvIxr8lKVEVXYlpKUlhwOUk/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Works in 25c, 26 - fixed refill incompatibility introduced in build 26 This is my first mod. I haven't got the mod loader figured out (shows up but doesn't load) so I've been ignoring it for a while and just symlinking my files into the PZ directory. This mod is to add a chainsaw to the game. The files are all on github at https://github.com/cwmaguire/pz_chainsaw_mod. It's really rough so far: I have a chainsaw that looks like an axe, an idle sound when the chainsaw is equipped, a chainsaw "swing" sound, and some modified damage numbers. I'm currently in the process of adding fuel filling and fuel usage. I'm adding a "fill..." menu with a sub menu for each chainsaw and a sub-sub-menu for each gas can. Chainsaws and gas cans will have a fuel amount displayed (to tell them apart) and I'm using the "age" field as "use" is locked down. I'd like to have the chainsaw make noise while idling and then more noise when sawing. In one game I'd got set up at a farm and there were very few zombies around; having a chainsaw to chop trees would have given me a headstart on carpentry. I'd also like to be able to turn logs on the ground directly into planks so I don't need to pick them up. I think that's fairly realistic. Oh, and the sounds are TERRIBLE. You've been warned. (April 16, 2014 - changed from "Free for All" to "Credit Where It's Due")
  8. I'm almost certain I am having an issue with directory structure since the new move to multiplayer. I have this (Working) example of code here: --+ Raenbow +----+ 2nd May 2014 +-- --+ CHECK FILE EXISTS +---- --prints an error message if file not exist in dir. function checkFileExist(_sFile) local string sFile = _sFile;local file = getFileReader(sFile, false); -- dir: C:\Users\User\Zomboid\Luaif file == nil then --does anything exist there?print("RAENBOW : Could not find file : ".. sFile .. " in C:\Users\User\Zomboid\Lua");elseprint("RAENBOW : Successfully found file :" .. sFile .. " in C:\Users\User\Zomboid\Lua");--File exists, do nothing.--line = file:readLine(); --Could go further, and identify file type (e.g. .png, .txt)end end function raenbow_includeMain()checkFileExist("Item_Ctoken.png"); end Events.OnGameStart.Add(raenbow_includeMain);The code came from my desire to add in a "CheckFileExists" functionality to my main include file. It's position in my folder structure is: So far everything looks good huh? I create a wee server with my computer, to test it will be okay in multiplayer- that's when things get interesting! On the same computer, I boot up my PZ client, that is to say, the one with the "Join Server" option. Still with me? cool. In the join server option, I pop in the loopback,, and voila! What once was working when I tried in "Survival" or "Sandbox" will not work! no print statement is returned! What do you think is going on?
  9. Reconix

    Working B26 Mods

    List of mods tested and working for Build 26 The list will get bigger as the mods are tested and worked on. CraftHelper (1.1.1) - Limited - Quick fix and this works fine, needs some items updated but worked fine for me. Can post my updated version if approved. Lockpicking (1.0) LINK - Working Services Modifier (v1.1) - Working WIP - SwapEquipped - currently trying to get this to work. Please post any you've found to work or working on.
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