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Found 4 results

  1. Hellow, thanks for read, thats the problem... i was trying to do something like that. any idea about how to do that? function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); A = random number between (0 to 100) -- Roll a number between 0 and 100 if A <= 30 then { Player Hunger-10} else {Player Hunger -20} -- 30% chance of lose 10 of hunger and 70% chance of lose 20 Hunger end end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool); Solution ---> function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); local player = getPlayer(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); if ZombRand( 100 ) <= 30 then player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.05); else player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.15); end end end --// 30% chance of get 0.05 thirst and 70% of get 0.15% Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool);
  2. A very simple request.. I think you should be able to decrease hunger with toothpaste. Nothing major, maybe just like -1 hunger, like something you would only ever do if you're really really desperate to survive and there is no food left around at all... I mean technically it might work as an appetite suppressant.
  3. Hello,Indie Stone community and i think i have a pretty good suggestion regarding the Food & Hunger System.I would also like to thank the devs for making such a great zombie and post-apocalyptic simulation game.But i think there is a bit of problem with this game that might make it very unrealistic because of this,The Hunger System. Here's a thing and or a bug(maybe) i have found while researching the game's mechanics: 1.Hunger reduction values giving different hunger moodles. -Example:A cooked fresh steak has a hunger value of -52 can replenish your hunger either from starving/very hungry to very well fed while a boring salad which has a hunger value of -60 will change from either starving/very hungry to well fed and a small piece of strawberry/lollipop which has a hunger value of -5 will reduce hunger from starving to slightly fed. Ways to overcome the problem: 1.Make the hunger reduction value sensible according to the moodles.For example,a survivor has got the starving moodle after not having anything to eat for a long time,so that means he needs to eat ALOT of food in order to satiate himself and eating just 1 cooked steak with a hunger reduction of -52 will bring him back to very well fed which makes no sense.At least make the moodle go away step by step like eating a cooked steak will bring from starving to peckish instead of just hopping to a fed moodle.This does not only go to steaks,but also to all foods such as cabbage,tomato,canned beans,tuna and many more. 2.Change to the trait(Hearty Appetite).Since this trait is meant for eating more often,how about making this trait more challenging by making the survivor having to eat more in a short time?(This is a minor suggestion but if you choose to ignore it then go ahead).I found out that by selecting this trait in the game,it seems to match with the time to get peckish when i don't have this trait making this characteristic a free +2 points for the survivor.For example,this survivor will have to eat 1.5 times more than the average survivor and requires more hunger reduction to be very well fed and at the same time,make the survivor hungry faster following this trait. Now that i have talked about the Hunger System,let me talk about the Food System. 1.Perishable and a that are already found in the game could be made.For example,waffles,pancakes,burgers,pizzas and other special perishables can be made by new recipes which could be added into the game by the devs choice. Here a few suggestions for the devs to see but if they do not agree with my suggested food system,they can ignore it but the hunger system should not be ignored as it is one of the very crucial parts of a game that makes up as a survival simulation.I also observed that many players ignore the hunger system like just grabbing a bag of chips and eating it while starving making it look like the hunger system is being ignored.Like many survival games,the hunger system is very important in making the game realistic and ignoring it simply punishes the game.Again,thank you Indie Stone devs and community members for reading this suggestion and keep up the good work guys!Take your time to your planned features in the game,no rush and peace
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